REME IH Halftracks

Apart from the one's in the museum you never see any restored REME Halftracks .

I would think they all have long ago been stripped and restored as wartime Halftracks probably with American markings ;-)

Has anyone got any pictures or info on these ?
How many were converted and what variations ?
Where they a "local" mod or all converted to a standard ?
Reason for asking is I think I may know where an unrestored REME Halftrack is .
It is minus it's Jib and tin roof .......would love to find more info on the REME version and what it was like to live and work with .....were they liked or horrendous to use ?
Would make an interesting project and be different from all the "American" ones
Mechanically it seems in pretty good state , connected a battery and the engine turns over on the starter .
Spending a small fortune now collecting the parts we need . Track's , road wheels , bogie wheels , floor and interior plus I'm sure many so far undiscovered issues .
I an very lucky in the fact Mrs G is as enthusiastic about it as I am although I suspect she is happy in the knowledge that these type of projects keep me away from trouble .
Suspect the hardest part to find are the tracks as to my knowledge the only known source of new kit is in Israel. The project will certainly keep you busy and out of trouble.
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New tracks being produced by De Beule in Holland , better than the Israeli ones and will last the life of the HT or about 6000 -7000 kms which at 2 MPG is a lot of petrol .
He is out of stock at the moment but more due soon.


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Is this your intent?
There is a chap called Dave Roe near Gatwick airport that specialises in repro body parts of HT's 01342 715952. If you look on you shuld be able to find pictures of his handy-work.

It'll be good to see when its done!
Is that a Cat or Panther ? it has whiskers but can't ID it , very keen to preserve it's heritage and redo all the original markings we can find . Mrs has spoken with REME museum but they don't hold individual vehicle records .
I'll take a guess that it's the Black cat on Red background of 56th (London) Division - Dick Whittingtons cat. At some point, post WW2, a red sword was superimposed on the cat.
Is this your intent?
Not quite ......but that's exactly how it was when it was last in service.
Previous owner removed the Tin lid and Jib assy although many of the brackets are present .
Current plan is to restore as the first REME Halftracks with a canvas top although now we have discovered it was built as an M5A1 the temptation is to restore with the pulpit and .50 ring and mount but still as British Army , wish we could find more history but records seem not to be kept regards vehicle serial or Ord numbers and service .
One thing is for sure ....I don't plan on refitting the Jib
The project will certainly keep you busy and out of money
I stand corrected. ;-) Here is a picture of our money pit:

Findlay 6.jpg
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