REME I.T Specialists ?

Discussion in 'REME' started by ApissedoffVE, Sep 19, 2004.

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  1. So, I heard today that REME are training people at Bordon ( unsure if sprogs or not ) to man a new I.T Role in REME.

    WTF ?!?!?!?

    Anybody out there know anything about this ? - what the job is, how long the course, where's the postings etc etc


    Vehicle Electricians: We came, we served, we excelled, we got shafted
  2. Probably just got their arrse in gear and started teaching FEMIS at last :D
  3. Would be interested to know what the role is. An in barracks role for looking after in barracks systems is unlikely with DII on its way in.

    Where do REME sit in the BOWMAN repair chain? An understanding of IT will undoubtedly be needed here. Not just Operating Systems, but protocols, ATM etc etc.

    If anybody is in the know, drop a reply or provide a link. Thanks.

  4. Last heard about Bowman, it will be unit changing as it will still be contracted. Was a while ago I heard that and am now out of the loop!
  5. Nearly forgot, a digitalisation group was set up within the Royal Sigs. That was a year or so ago. For more info, best person I know to ask about it all would be wibblefishbanana.
  6. If this I.T. trade gets into my local TA then I will join. :)
  7. These posts will possibly be part of Digitisation Stage 2/Bowman project which is not the realm of the R.Signals. Good training and quals may be available if you get offered one of these posts, loads of use in civvy street and better paid.
  8. don t know about IT roles but i do know that IT is part of the key skills taught to whoever goes through there that don t have em.
  9. So the REME get to look after the RLC computer systems.

    Postings BICESTER, DONNINGTON, Beilefeld (BAOR) oh and yes a return to BICCESTER

    HEHE. ADPI and DSCS (old RAOC) needed IT specialists way back in the mid 70s and only now the REME are taking up the challange.

    :p :p :p
  10. :cry: unfortunately no IT specialist posts yet. All tradesmen going through Bordon and Arborfield should be getting IT as part of key skills at level 2 (qualification, not phase 2 trg)
  11. Last time I went through Bordon we did an IT modern apprenticeship, which really doesn't give you any qualifications. I'm ex Armr, and now work for Fujitsu in London, supporting DII, and as far as I know Fujitsu will continue to support DII. I've no idea what will happen to DII when it eventually gets down to unit level though.
  12. There are postings available for IT 'gurus' in REME. MCM Div have a database of people and their skills.

    I understand, these are mainly at DLO/IPTs and not neccesarily 'repairer' posts, more instructor/advisor type jobs.

    Ask your OC/ASM/AQMS for more info. If they can't help, get them to speak to MCM Div

  13. Before I left the glorious Corps & UK shores, the elected numpty that was DEME(A) decreed that there was no need for a 4th tech trade group as recommended by the ESS Study (to look after all the IT/IS kit coming in), yet seeing as though the Navy had people doing this, the R Sigs had 2 trades doing this and lo and behold the RAF have now gone and created trade group for it - he still said NO!

    Well **** me, no wonder people feel the Corps sold the tels tech out!
    Network Enabled jiggery-pokey needs IT geekheads who know their IPs, from the TCPs and SMTP, breep, crurg, fnizz-fnizz stuff!

    If the Corps have reversed this stance and intend to create a new trade group, then maybe all those unhappy people who got shafted to go Artillery Systems will be a bit happier! Might actually give people a reason to join, stay and get something worthwhile from their time....anyone in the Arborfield "tower of power" know if an IT tech is truly coming?