REME Hotel to close.


Well that's it, I'm signing off.


It is with regret that REME Facilities Bavaria cannot accept any bookings for winter season 14/15. This is due to A2020 manning restrictions and the rebasing of units to UK, the Corps has had to make the hard decision to close the REME Hotel with effect Oct 14.
The Corps hotel has served us well for over 30 years and will have a lot of fond memories for those that have visited us; we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for you support over the years.
Good lord.

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Well I would never share a hotel with another cap badge - there is a reason we have our own bars. Decorum.
I went a few years back with the then wife at the start of Octoberfest down the road in Munich.

We were the only people there, amazing time & treated like royalty.

(Oh, and I am R Sigs)!

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