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Discussion in 'REME' started by REME Facilities, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. This is a shameless plug for the REME Hotel in Wertach, Bavaria.

    Situated in the town of Wertach in the beautiful Allgäu region of Bavaria and owned outright by the Corps, the REME Hotel offers fantastic value for money accommodation for both serving (including Territorial Army) and retired members of the Corps and their immediate families.

    In addition, any serving soldier, or UKBC ID card holders, working for the benefit of the Army in British Army (Germany) are entitled to use the facilities on a fill-up basis.

    The hotel operates on a fully tax-paid basis and is open for most of the year, closing only for short periods in April, May, November and December for staff leave and essential maintenance.

    For more information please visit While you’re there, please also have a look at the facilities offered to Units at the Adventurous Training Centre.
  2. Out of curiosity, how would I, an ex-REME guy, prove that I was an ex-REME guy?

    I still have my tags but my little red book that I got when I left is long gone.

    Edit: I think I may have answered my own question - by joining the REME Association?
  3. Indeed, membership of the REME Association will qualify you to use the Hotel.
  4. Ok - thanks for the reply.
  5. I always thought that to belong to the Association one had to join a local branch. As I now live oversees, with no local branch, I've assumed I cannot join, so haven't bothered. Have I got that wrong? (The joining bit, not the being bothered bit!)
  6. I live overseas, not a menber of a branch, but have got my memebership. Shouldn't be a problem
  7. Cheers ogri. How did you go about it?
  8. I contacted the association, gave them my service details and a couple of weeks later got my membership card. If I remember correctly, it is a lifetime membership
  9. Just had a squint at the website (always a good call FFS Arte...) £10 for life membership. I'll drop them a line. Cheers.
  10. I too had a look at the Association site but the contact form, to inquire about how to join from overseas, wasn't working and the nearest bloke to where I have a house, his email bounced back.

    I'll give one of the London branches a ring and see what the score is.
  11. Having stayed at the hotel a number of times before (Top Place), I fancy coming down for the new year, is it still June for (earliest) bidding for the winter places???
  12. If you live in the UK, check the Association site for local branches. Always on the look out for new members, you might even meet an old mate or two.

    Cheers; Nobby
  13. It certainly is a great facility - I've used it a few times in the past myself.

    Presumably, however, you've posted this thread as current occupancy rates are low - my question is, therefore, why can't use of it be thrown open to a wider audience than at present?
  14. As Asterix mentions above, the email system is duff on the Association website. REME Association Does anyone have an alternative email address?
  15. Bookings will not be accepted more than one season in advance (i.e. for all winter bookings no earlier than 1st June, and for all summer bookings no earlier than 1st December).