REME hit the headlines .... Again....!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Picatinny_Rail, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good luck to the Lass - if you can't be a Gay Girl in the Army, where can you? She's simply following a fine tradition amongst whom, for those old enough to remember, were some of the scariest - and best - NCOs in the WRAC.

    The story itself is typical NOTW crap - although some of their lines are wonderful:
    "The shameless private even poses in her Royal and Electrical Mechanical Engineers uniform as she bombards her comrades with lust."
    "We captured the raunchy 18-year-old thrusting forward on two fronts as she carries out lesbian manoeuvres on social networking site MySpace."

    They didn't even have to do any 'journalism' - just log on, like anyone else. Pathetic.

    I presume she's violated the DIN on talking to the Media, though!
  2. A terrible piece of journalism, Risking a young girls career just to fill a column.

    From what i can gather all the quotes are from her myspace profile, so i doubt if she even spoke to the press.

    Hopefully her CoC will see this for what it is and ignore it.
  3. She'll probably be promoted and posted! - especially with the shortfall in VM's(I hope she learns to put her beret on the right way at her new unit)
  4. Serious question:

    Given that this isn't the first time a young soldier seems to have run into trouble on sites such as MySpace/Facebook etc, isn't someone warning them to be more careful? Isn't there some sort of PERSEC lecture during basic training, or should it be added to MATT 6/WIP?

    You might say everyone should know not to be that silly, but obviously not.
  5. Just some young kid having a bit of fun with her mates, usuall bullsh*t and crap journalism.

    Army should see it for what it is, quick bollocking for being daft enough to put in on Net and let her get on with her job.

    We've all been niave and stupid when we was yournger, just she's been thick enough to get caught. Let's hope nothing comes of it and she goes on to have a good army carear.

  6. Just awful how dare she expose herself on the Internet we wont have any of that Here thats it Im going to a wholesome site YUVUTU anyone?
  7. It's the Army Army not rge Sally Army, Unless showing all that flesh is likely to offend some of our Afghanistan or Iraqi friends so they won't be able to deploy her. Having said that what was the silly beggar thinking , right or wrong, she should have known the possible repercussions,
  8. What a pile of wnak. Cheap journalism at its best, pity she didn't get her clout out

    Any brass reacting to this should get a fecking slap
  9. Her head isnt alot to shout about but at least she isnt a pie eater, well she is a pie eater but not the ginsters meat variety

  10. That's my point.

    Does she know and understand the possible repercussions? She's 18 for heaven's sake, and from a generation that uses MySpace without a second thought. Are our younger soldiers being warned to take more care?

    I appreciate that there are soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq of the same age doing a great job under extreme pressure, including Pte Ben FORD, sadly killed in Afghanistan on the 5th September, but they are 18 and sometimes need guidance to make sure they go on to have a fulfilling career.

    edit to correct date
  11. Typical of the drivel that the NOTW comes out with though; they got her rank wrong and REME title wrong. Years ago they ran an article about bullying at SEAE and descibed us as 'The crack Regiment of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers'. No research done but hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good story?
  12. Values and Standards. By joining up we agree to abide by rules that the civvies do not, one of them being not bringing the Army into disrepute. Call me old fashioned, but I think she should be chucked out PDQ and the warning clearly sent to everyone else who considers putting inappropriate pictures/video clips onto the net.
  13. What a load of sh1te Barclays. All she did was get her norks out on a website. For all we know she could be a fantastic soldier. We are undermanned as it is, if we were to get rid of every soldier (male or female) that have posted inappropriate pics on websites then we would be getting rid of a huge number of troops. It is what the young folk of today are used to, perhaps Fluffybunny is right.

    What about all the iraq and afghanistan videos on youtube, they breach security more than this young girls tits
  14. Old fashioned - lot worse things in the world tolerated over and above getting her puppies on Youtube.

    A quite word and a private show and all should be forgiven. If she is thrown out she will be in the Scum within a few days and everyone will complain about that too.