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Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by smudge454, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. im going to batus soon and was wondering in the back of a warrior is there a lead that be used in the BV sockets to provide us with a way of charging ipods, phones ect.
  2. If it's that bad you need ECT I'd find another job.
  3. aye cheers for that
  4. God bless those quiet professionals!!
  5. Buy yourself a transformer from a camping or caravanning shop, get yourself some croc clips and you can take straight off the vehicle batteries.

    Just got back fromn BATUS and thats how we did it out of the back of a CVR(T).

    Alternatively get yourself a solar power monkey - absolutely worth their weight in gold, got one of them too.

    When you get to Suffield, get yourself to Canadian Tyre for all of your exercise esentials like Gas (although Im guessing you'll be using a BV) and "Off" (preferably the green tin for woodland) Insect repellent. Those fecking mozzies are as vicious as a pissed up, pissed off Jock out there!

    Anymore BATUS top tips just PM me
  6. excellent cheers i will definitely look into that
  7. aye im going to get some gas anyway as the wagon will inevitably crumble at some stage , is it not a bit of a testicle ache rifting the access plates to the battery all the time or did your lot keep them off ?
  8. Buy the gas before you go and take it out with you. It's much cheaper in the UK.
  9. USBs in Warriors - boy has it changed...

    I'm still sniggering that there's something called a 'muff coupling' on a tank 20 yrs on ;)
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  10. Or the donkey's dick on a Lynx!!
  11. Not so funny when you have to change 30 432's worth of bolts and lock tab them all on your first job as a sproggy Craftman.
  12. Can you take them on planes? It's a gen question, not a 'you can't kin do that'.
  13. VG, do you know if it's USB 2 or USB 3? I know it doesn't make any difference for charging but I want to know if I can upload my iTunes to the vehicle before Endex.
  14. I use the Battlegroup wifi. The WEP code is published on Pt Ones.
  15. @ VG Cheers Buddy, forgot about that! Duh!

    @ Smudge Thanks, thats a new one since I was last there 2 years ago, looks like quite a good setup now.