REME Hammer and Tongs cadet course

Discussion in 'REME' started by Teta, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Hello

    Im pretty new to this forum, so sorry if i get this in the wrong place.

    For a while now ive been interested in REME as perhaps a career path, and being in the cadets heard of a REME course you can go on, ending with the Hammer and Tongs badge. Dispite huge and reasonably extensive searches on the internet i havent been able to find a single place with infomation about this course.

    Anyone with any infomation who can point me in the right dircetion would be most appreciated.

  2. :)

    Topical, very topical. Someone's been reading...............
  3. You'll probably find it in the same place as the joining instructions for cadet SAS Parachute training.

  4. A pre-cursor for the course.

    Can you read font 4?

    If so, you're in.
  5. why would a cadet want hammer and tongs?? does that mean that you can supervise other cadets while they fix their push irons??? :D
  6. Is this a wah or have you been wahed?

    The only course I know of which you speak is the tiffy course.
  7. I think perhaps you should post in the ACF forum mate.
  8. There were 2 Cadet courses run by the REME, one at Bordon one at Arborfield. The one at Bordon was basic mech, the one at Arborfield was intro to electronics-. Both for 2 weeks. No idea if they are still on.
  9. The Hammer and Tongs is a trade badge, worn, t=if my memory still works , by 2nd and 1st Class "A" tradesmen below the rank od sergeant and also worn by Artificers. I cannot imagine it being available to ACF.