REME guys under attack on YouTube

Discussion in 'REME' started by P3HO, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Thats a nice post btw.

    Good to see we still have a little time for humour and a little time for outings in between inspections/maintenance.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good stuff - no doubt, however, they will be receiving a good talking-to for breaching the new DIN - this is just the sort of thing the MOD are trying to control - Soldiers speaking to the public without approval? Shocking!!
  3. Good post to a good Video.

    As Snowy mentions the DIN is out, thank you to all the spoil sports at great heights.
  4. What a load of prats. Getting mortared lets hide behind a warrior. Why didn't they get in the fecking thing?
  5. Regardless of the issue of security and the MoD trying to gag etc, these unofficial video clips will, in the future, be as highly prized as personal letters from the front.
  6. Maybe someone was havin a crap inside the 513 & it was safer outside :toilet:

    However vision blocks are fitted as standard on AFV and all you do is use the No:1 Mk 1 eyeball with them, wherever you are the drill is to take cover inside hatches closed, shrapnel is more likely to kill you than a direct hit, even in the wild west of Batarrse caught in the red template orders were close down and stay put.

    these guys were not too worried by what was happening as they had time to video their exploits, and laughing too, just like we all do when we are really bricking it. LOL :wink:
  7. There speaks the tiffy B mech. So tactical that they had time to grab the camera....
  8. Perhaps some fcuker had locked it. Trying to hide all his contriband fags in it.
  9. Or maybe it was far too complex a mechanical device for your average REME bod to operate without a hammer?
  10. Yawn.
  11. maybe that noise was the big hammer or the THUMP was from the 513 toilet :tp:
  12. Because the 513 was full of CES at the time, and there was only enough room for two guys to get in. There were about 10 people around it at the time so some had to get under it whilst waiting for a lull in the IDF attack before they could get to hard cover.

    The reason they had the camera to hand was because they had just finished taking photos to send to Elsie juniors classmates (average age 7), who had taken the time to write to the Recy Sect.

    Whilst they may seem quite happy in the video it was probably because this attack was one of hundreds during their time at the Shatt.

    I know the four Recy Mechs in the video well, all good blokes. In fact one is returning to Iraq for his 5th time this week, only months after the attack was filmed.
  13. Glad to read all OK :)

    Proud as hell of the lot of em. Doing a GREAT job in sh*tty circumstances. and doing it with a smile. Well done guys.
  14. Only enough room for two seats? and ten men playing, bad game of musical chairs,
    from one Recy Mech to another, hope there were no loose coils in your pants, Stay safe Guys and remember Noddys words "BOLLOKCS"