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Lost 78 -20? Thats a bit of a hammering
Don't spoil my fun dude, somebody would have bit!!

Seriously though, well done fellas
What standard are Hannover (78) now? I remember playing them in 1990 and they were then German Champions. (Although German rugby was at a very low standard!!). At what level do you think they would they fit into our league structure over here?

As an aside: In true REME fashion, we proffed the Championship Trophy from their clubhouse on the way out, and drove off in our minibus. They tried to chase us but we got away by throwing their rubber plant at them, as their vehicle chased us up the drive leading from the club.

Congrats on your performance!!!!
Young Jim, then a 2nd Lt, was playing prop forward for the REME in Germany last year.

In open play he found himself breaking free with the ball and heading for the line. An opponent stood in his way but there was support from a smaller, faster team mate who caught him up and called out the words that should never be spoken on a rugby pitch;

'To me, sir!'

Oh, how young Jim enjoyed the rest of the game.
Praetorian said:
pot_aussie said:
At what level do you think they would they fit into our league structure over here?
Id say around the level of National 2/3.
Nah, not that high. If BF(G) beat them then I would make an educated guess at about level 7 which is London/South West 3. Based on the fact most Corps players are playing level 7ish whilst Army players should be playing around level 5 (think Richmond, London Scottish etc).
Hannover 78 were relegated last season. Their now in Div 2, quite a good side but you can see they haven't had any modern coaching. I'd say their standard is about Midlands 1 or 2. Good in defence but not much structure in their attack. Their 10 had a bit of a mare with his kicking game. The German referee had a good game aswell. Put PD in his place a few times, to the ammusment of the spectators.
Good to see boys.

The UK side got a right lesson in rugby from the RLC yesterday. It was noted that only one REME(G) player came over thought.

The final score? I lost interest when they got to 60.
Maybe we should go over there and show them what to do. REME(G) is better than the UK side in terms of set up and player base. All we need is the chance to play them when we are at full strength.
Bring it on
Ooh, who'd have thought a bit of politics would enter into a chat about REME rugby? (now now A_M, let it go, breathe and relax)

Final score on Weds was 51 -12. By all accounts (I wasn't there) the Corps were pretty competitive until the 60 minute mark whereby some impact subs scored a hatful for the RLC. Realistically, the Corps did well. We couldn't get one of our key players off from trade at SEME despite the President being the next DEME(A)! I've also just heard that the RLC are looking to submit their third team into the Army premiership so they will obviously be strong. After watching the RLC v RE game at the 15's comp earlier in the season, both teams are light years ahead of anything we have had at Corps level for a long time. I can only think of the RA teams over the mid 90's that might give them a run.
On other rugby notes - REME vets played their first fixture versus SEME last Weds giving the young lads a lesson in how to play a game plan and utilise their strengths the vets ran out winners 28 - 14. Remember young 'uns, they may look a shower in the warm up (by warm up read taping broken bones and smoking like a chimney) but there is no substitute for experience. If you would like to play vets, pm me & I'll pass on your details to the team manager (Monster).

Its not long till the Army Navy planning meeting and I will once again be doing the admin for the Corps. To that end can you pass on these points to anyone interested.

1. Please do not buy tickets from other agents and then request REME bands. If you go with your parent unit/mess or mates who buy from other Corps I cannot give you bands, they are reserved for people who buy from the Corps.

2. Child/OAP tickets can only be bought from the ARU. I would say that if you are bringing your kids or parents to the game and you want to go in the REME tent, take the hit and buy normal tickets from us. Unfortunately a few other Corps were on a bit of a fiddle 2 years ago, declared that most of their sales were concessions and pocketed the profit. The ARU became wise and took that facility off us.

3. Get your bids in early and enclose a stamped self addressed envelop. DO NOT expect military snail mail to get to you quickly. All probs with people not receiving their tickets last year came through the mil net. To be extra careful you can always send it registered mail

4. Cost should not be much more than last year, however, this won't be confirmed until the ARU meeting in Dec so I dont know for sure at the moment.

5. Coach and car parking tickets will be available, again, get your bids in early!!

My details haven't changed since last year but if you have any problems or questions then please feel free to PM.

Finally any second rows in the Hampshire/Wiltshire area needing rugby?! Big men fall like tree's at my place and Im having a drought!!
Sorry Sparky8 i could'nt resist it.

At the end of the day the greater "we" need to make sure our rugby team are able to compete against the REME Luggage Carriers (RLC) and wedgies(RE).
You are right. I hate to say it, but the gap in talent was not that huge, they were simply faster on their feet and with their heads than our guys.

The other Corps have been pushing development rugby more than REME, when REME have been scared to bring the young talent out. The new big bloke at the top needs to grip CO's to release their players.
A_Mech said:
Sorry Sparky8 i could'nt resist it.

The other Corps have been pushing development rugby more than REME, when REME have been scared to bring the young talent out. The new big bloke at the top needs to grip CO's to release their players.
No change there then. Was like that back in 88/89 too
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