REME fitness after phase 1.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Derby 1992, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering what the REME fitness is like after basic training?

    I know that there will be alot of fitness but I was just wondering what it is like in comparison to the Royal Engineers?

  2. well you better keep PFA fit or you be on remedials , the choice is yours :)
  3. You must be a barrel of laughs. Do the guys in your unit ignore you, and stick signs on your back that say "kick me"?
  4. Of all the posts you could put on here you put this one on, I have no doubt you will be target for many jibes ( i say this lightly ).

    To answer your question (Seriously as well) what do you mean by comparison?

    As REME we can be posted to many Regiments/Battalions in the Army! Will the PT at a Medic unit be easier than at an Engineers Unit? What if you went to a Parachute Regiment? Would that be harder? What if you went to a Royal Engineers Unit? Would that be easier than another Royal Engineer's Unit?

    Simple answer..... every unit's PT differs from an other unit's and your unit's PT will differ during your time there.

    Keep your phys at a decent level and adapt to whatever PT is being undertaken at your unit at the time.

    Oh and most importantly.......Stop being a GIMP!!!!
  5. As stated - keep your phys at a decent level.

    Phase 2 is trade orientated but there is plenty of down time in evenings to keep on top of your own fitness.... or, eat pies.
    you have 2 (pretty easy IMO) PT sessions a week and sports on wed afternoon - so you really need to keep up your own fitness otherwise you'll join the ranks of the fat and lazy - 19:30 PFA time is the worst ive heard of from the remedial lot!
  6. 'Kin hell! I hope they shot the f**ker that took 19:30?

    Or was that the time of night they finished after starting at 08:00 hrs? :)
  7. Think she stopped at the burger van on way round! :D
  8. I know which fat waste of space fem your on about.

    She tagged along on one our tabs, without any weight that is...
  9. Cheers for that.

    It possibly came across wrong but I was hoping the fitness would be kept up, not put down.

    Going to Pirbright on the 3rd of April for phase 1 for VM and at the moment my fitness has gone down hill due to a few things, but as soon as the new year comes around I'm going to get back on to it.
  10. Your fitness is a personal thing whatever unit you are at . You are **** all use to man nor beast if you are blowing out yr arrse just getting on parade . Have some pride and self respect and do your own phys instead of dossing on yr pit , playing FIFA 2011 etc etc ...
    it s part of the job just as much as spanner wanking .
  11. Why wait for the New Year? get on it now, there can't be **** all reason why you can't go out and run, unless you've no time due to all the video games your playing.
  12. No time due to work and family issues at the minute.
  13. You'll soon find they wont be valid reasons when you're in, good luck for basic anyway.
  14. Bordon is dull now for phys, i also know the 'fem' who takes 16 min at last effort i think to do the pfa. you need to keep on your own phys. i have struggled... well no its my own fault. i get myself down to a 10m pft time, then do nothing except the 2 time a week pt and a bit of something on a wednesday, then wonder why im runnin 11m.. and it is because i am a lazy fat f*ker and need to get off my arrse. they have started booting people who fail there cft in the big BCCS (matts and stuff short course) but this could just be the last straw for some Cfn, as they have been shit in overall course averages, or been on ROPs for 8 months e.t.c im sure some of you know who i am as you are reading this!