REME Fam Visit

Just moan about your parent unit undervaluing you and not treating you like one of their own and working you harder than everyone else and.....

You will fit right in :)
Are you referring to an RMAS Fam Visit?

If so I organised one last year.

What do you want to know?
I'm not sure, they said I should organise one through the ACA but my OC could help, There's the REME open weekend this weekend and visits to Sandhusrt but I'm not sure if there's another one that just visits a unit.
Your OC of what? Are you OTC, an RMAS OCdt, TA? Meet us halfway fella.

REME Officer recruitment is run from Arborfield. They organise various events for the RMAS cadets.
Sorry didn't mean to randomly crayon on here. Please ignore my last.
We normally do when it comes to your posts Jim :)

Reference REME Farm visits you have taken me back to my Full screw days of getting the sproggy Cfn dressed up in donkey jackets and carrying shovels on OC Monday morning stables parades.....Oh how the ASM loved our little bits of Cfn motivation techniques.

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