reme excercises?

Discussion in 'REME' started by jonni, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. what kind of excercises do you do within the reme? do you do your basic combat training when you join and thats it? or do you top your combat knowledge and experience up? or are you on ops just to fix anything that breaks?
  2. I used to sit-ups and press-ups and maybe some light jogging. WHy what exercises did you have in mind?
  3. the REME unit attached to us do a variety of exercises:
    - drink tea
    -drink coffee
    -eat pot noodles
    -read Nuts

    In the field:
    -have a very tactical bbq
    -drink Stella

    Sh*t, im in the wrong job
  4. I've just been to the gym and I did lots of exercises - great fun!

  5. Anyone can rough it! :D

  6. I'm glad to see things haven't changed much.
  7. Your so wrong as A mechs we.

    Drink Tea with Brandy
    Drink coffee with Baileys
    Eat Bacon Butties/ Egg Banjos
    Read porn
    Work our b*llocks off in the field and play hard on the p*ss
  8. thats why i said "the REME unit attached to us".

    Read porn??
  9. That's a typical ex for us :D
  10. CC TA at the gym no never i dont believe you, your telling lies
  11. Yeah - the CC_TA I know would never get within 200 metres of a Gym :)
  12. Did someone mention gym, starting to have hot sweats :oops:
  13. Your so wrong as A mechs we.

    Drink Tea with Brandy
    Drink coffee with Baileys

    usually while driving through a boxhead village!! :wink:
  14. Thing is by law now Jibman, unlike when you were in, its all eat sleep cards and dry exercises unless your on the prairie then the back of the 434/ 513 stinks like a brewery.
  15. 8O DRY EXERCISE!!!!!!!!things have gone downhill!don,t think i ever had a dry ftx,they weren,t in fashion in the 80,s and 90,s! :D