REME dress regulation... need help

Hi i'm a WO2 (Sergeant Major) with the Army Cadet Force, cap badged REME.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with REME no2 dress regulations for WO2's within the REME. Different sources seem to say different things on the subject of Sam Browne belts and dress shoes etc.

Can anyone clarify them for me? It would be much appreciated.
No you don't wear a Sam Browne and shoes depends. I wore brown shoes at 9/12 Lancers but other WO2s wore boots. I only had No. 2s on once though I think, I was always a bit too busy for parades... (as were the rest of the LAD)

WOs2 don't usually wear a Sam Browne as they don't carry swords, so no need.
Agree with the above. The only time a REME WO2 will wear shoes is if that is Regimental policy with who he/she is serving with at the time.
Have never seen a WO2 wear a Sam Brown or a sword, but have seen an ASM with a sword, but this is because he was 2 I/C of the Wksp and it was seen as a Command appointment, hence was entitled to a sword. :?
A WO2 in the ACF ? Didn't know they existed

Cadet Sgt Major Yes

Sgt Major Instructor Yes

But never heard of a member of the ACF holding a Warrant
As a CSM you should wear an ensigns belt and best boots with NO1 dress Cap
Just to confirm what the 'Drill manual' actually says on the subject of swords:

'The sword is a traditional badge of rank and honour. In the Army, with the exception of the Mounted Squadron of the Household cavalry, The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery and certain soldiers in specified appointments, the sword indicates a holder of Her Majestry's Commission or Warrant.

So as with most things the REME does we get it wrong when it comes to tradition due to the number of people who cant be bothered with all the old traditions and honours.

All WO should wear the sword as per the Drill manual when the time is right. As a cadet im not sure a warrant is held, but if you do get a warrant go as per the drill bible says.
It's not just the Drill Manual mate, Army Dress regulations, Corps Instructions and various other regulations and instructions need to be checked.
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