Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Spunky-monkey, May 23, 2005.

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  1. So does anyone know the true story. How does a REME Cpl get himself in the Officers Mess, Forced to drink, then cuffed to a radiator and sexually abused.......Your thoughts please
  2. I smell a journo.... p!ss off hack
  3. journo, thanks but my English is nt that good, much better at war fighting.
  4. i hope you are better at your job than spottin journo's I know spunky monkey and a journo he aint. He is just askin a question we all want the answer to. :D
  5. If you ask nicely, we might send you an invite. :roll:
  6. spunky monkey, seems like you wanna be more than a monkey, you wanna be someones used rag but good question, how the bloody hell does that happen? Why would it happen? Why's it never happen to me?
  7. do you get a mess bill after? :D
  8. So none of you have never "waitered on" in the Officers Mess then.

  9. yeah but never been offered lots of alcohol and bummed afterward i feel i'm missing out on something
  10. i always used to try and get out of waitering on in the officers mess,if i would of known about the free drink and uphill gardening that went on ,i would of been at the front of the queue first time every time,curses
  11. Same circus different clowns, Anyone remember YO or 2lt that was strapped to a cannon with a red rose between his butt cheeks?

    Never minded waiting on as the BSMs were warned not to put any sensible blokes on duty, remember fondly watchin the 5 Bde young officers q up to get those sumo suits and big boxing gloves on and get there arses kicked by johnny roundhouse, who ironically spent most leave periods in Thailand doing it for real! :roll:

    A top spectator sport whilst sipping the champagne they had left!! :lol:
  12. doing wat on leave....??? sumo tai boxing? thats a new one on me!!
  13. What trade was the guy who got it in the tradesmans entrance?

  14. If he pushed back: Tech Spanker
    If he enjoyed it: See above
    If he was mingin' in his own puke with 14 cans of Stella layin around him and didn't give a fcuk anyway: Blackhand!
    If he enjoyed it and then blew off the "daddy" after: Recy Mech