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Discussion in 'REME' started by kinger5542, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I am currently a serving Cpl Vehicle mechanic 'A' and have just received a posting order to 7aa BN Reme

    I will start there on the late 2012. This has come as a complete shock as my posting preferences were for the south west and negative was a BN. I have no interest in doing P Coy as i am currently downgraded , although on the mend. I am also as90 and Crarrv trained and know warrior inside out.

    Just wondering if anyone out there would be willing to swap, or know anybody that would be willing to swap around December time? Tidworth/perham down/bulford or larkhill would be ideal.

    Cheers Matt
  2. Do you honestly think that this is how it works?!

    FFS, speak to your RCMO & have a think about the fact that it isn't hard for your ASM or Tiffy to find out that someone, and Im no Sherlock but probably a Cpl Matt King is coming to my unit, is saying they dont want to be there already and can't be arrsed to use the CoC. I'll not even mention the downgraded bit as that would be unfair.

    Just the sort of bloke any boss wants...
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  3. I have already spoken to my ASM and my OC and have been told to try and swap with someone. Its not that i cant be arsed to go there at all, its just a B mech post and i havent spent a couple of months extra on my basic course and upgrader course to work on pinz and whatever else they have got up there. I quite fancy staying with armour thanks.
    There isnt really a lot else i can do apart from post on here and the obvious social networking sites to try and find someone, as i imagine there a lot of people wanting to get back to 16aa brigade that have been posted away.
  4. I used to know a Matt King when I was with the RGJs. I assume it's not the same one?

  5. Try posting your concerns on the internet. If you do take this route, beware, as you could get construed as a ******* whining tool.
  6. Funny, But this is what i have been told to do by my oc and asm (try to swap with someone) so, whining tool?? Not really, just seems a bit of a waste sending me there when i dont want to be there when plenty of people would rather be there then say tidworth. Its funny that the army has spent all the money training me as an a mech, sending me on a crarrv course, as90 course, warrior dmi to then send me to a b mech unit with absolutely no armour!
  7. Maybe your CoC wanted you to lose some weight.
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  8. CORPS swimmer in all, maybe not
  9. Big ******* whoop, i am a bulldog dmi, worked on Chally, Warrior, Cvrt, 432/Bulldog and all that shit, my last 2 postings were RLC Regiments and Abingdon (******* shithole of a camp) was one of them were in areas i put as negative also, Cant say i didnt enjoy it as there were some cracking lads in the LAD's and as always you just try to make the best of a shit deal and maybe, just ******* maybe learn something else that increases your knowledge like i did with Drops and MAN.

    Now i aint a ******* genius but even i can see with the cut backs and the new equipment coming out, that whilst we will still have tracked armoured vehicles the ratio of tracked to wheeled will be even bigger than it is now. So maybe you need to work on some kit that is out of your comfort zone which will stand you in good stead in the future.

    As for your posting and getting it swapped, good luck with that one, MCM usually dont give a rats unless its for a very good reason i.e compassionate etc. They can afford to **** you off with the need of losing more people for the next tranche of redundancies, so if you dont like it sign off will most likely be the reply to that one.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There is a section in the back of Navy News with swap drafts.

    Stuff like:

    "Portsmouth based radar maintainer billet, will swap for Plymouth sonar maintainer billet, draft ends Spring 2014, ship deploying to West Indies early next year."

    Doesn't the crafty have a section like this?
  11. It should do, problem is many seniors/officers get a bit worried when blokes sort stuff out for themselves. I have no idea why, you'd think they'd be happy with a reduced workload. As for swapping postings, it can be done quite easily and if your OC and ASM are already on board it will be a simple case of them ringing APC and them swapping a name. I don't know where this attitude of "suck it up, it's the army" comes from, it's utter bollocks, it's your life.
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  12. Yeah don't really see why people have a problem with what your doing mate. You obviously don't want to go there and your simply spreading the word to someone else that might want to.

    Good luck mate it's s shame pref postings in the REME rarely work out.
  13. your OC told you to go in Arrse and ask for a swap?

    there is a air of ignition about your undergarments, Cpl
  14. noels-swap-shop-431x300.jpg

    Ask these blokes - if you dont get your posting, at least you might come away with some back issues of "look in" or a single rollerskate.