REME Cpl - D Sqn 5th Skins RAC Demo Sqn Apr 1985

Discussion in 'REME' started by treborrek, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Gents, whilst in an Art Gallery/Picture Framing shop in Wokingham today, the owner asked me if I could trace the owner of some prints that he left to be framed some years ago. The prints are the usual Sqn Photo, a 19 Regt RA presentation certificate and a group photo of CVR(T)s firing swingfire. So, if you are Cpl O****r REME who was posted to D Sqn 5th Skins RAC demo sqn in Apr 1985 and you forgot you prints give me a pm.
  2. To those who have pm'd me, I have now traced the guy. Rockstar - you were correct. I have just had a pm from him.

    Many Thanks