Does any one have the REME corps Grace to hand please? I have checked the REME pages on the Army web site but cannot find it.

Many thanks
O God of power and might, whose all-pervading energy is
the strength of nature and man, inspire, we pray Thee, us
Thy servants of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical
Engineers with the quickening spirit of goodwill, that as
honest craftsmen, seeking only the good of all in peace or
war, we may glorify Thee both in the work of our hands
and in the example of our fellowship, through Jesus Christ
our Lord.
Collect of The Royal Logistic Corps:
God our Father, Whose son Jesus Christ ministered to the needs of mankind, may we of The Royal Logistic Corps tackle the diverse tasks assigned to us that wherever we serve, on land or sea or in the air, we may sustain our comrades both in peace and war and thus be found worthy of those whom we week to support, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

For the food and drink we are about to receive, And for the skill of those who prepare and serve it, May the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen

One is a collect and one is a grace. I am looking for the REME GRACE as I have a young REME soldier peforming Mr Vice and suggected, as he is REME to use the REME Grace.
I don't think REME have a grace as we make it up as we go along. In all the messes I have served in including REME 2nd line units I have never heard the same grace twice. I have only been in the Corps 34 years tho so I might be wrong.
Nobby_REME said:
Were any of those fine ladies the mother of "Greasy Chip" from Martinique cookhouse?
A book of REME Corps Lady Legends may be in order.
Peroxide Pat and her mate Brunette Clarence (the cross eyed Lion off of the tv program Daktari)
The big lass who did karaoke in the Queens...sounded like Alison Moyet but looked like an inflatable bouncy castle version of the said songstress.
Petra the bar maid from Pompidou in Detmold (expert on bondage and kidnap)
That lass who drove the ice cream van on Soltau and always got asked to get cold drinks from the bottom shelf when she wore that vest in hot weather.
Bread's bread, Meat's meat,
Thank God, Let's eat.
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