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Discussion in 'REME' started by jon_d_h, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi All

    I am new to this site and am after some answers that I cant find anywhere. I am interested in joining the REME as a technician as I am already a fully qualified electrical engineer but I cant find out what technicians jobs are best for me with my experience and qualifications. Also, one of the main reasons I want to join the army is to do the commando training to support the royal marines. I have been into the afco and they couldnt give me any specific job desicriptions or couldnt tell me if I can do the commando training. For example, if I was to join as an avionics technician in the army air corps, could I still do the commando course or would I have to be in the royal engineers for that? Also, where can I find a list of job descriptions for technicians jobs? The afco couldnt tell me and I can see them all on the army website.

    Thanks for any help

  2. You can do the All-Arms Commando Course whilst in the REME - I know a couple who have done it.

  3. Electronics/Avionics Technician Job Description

    Aircraft Techician Job Description

    Any soldier can apply for the All Arms Commando Course (AACC) with the blessing of their chain of command.

    You won't necessarily get to serve within 3 Cdo Bde though.

    Your best bet if this is your aim as a REME Technician, is to join as an Elec/Avionics Tech and then choose the the Elect Tech stream during Phase 2 training.

    Having completed Phase 2 you can apply for the AACC or better still get yourself posted to 29 Cdo RA and do it from there. I'm not sure if 24 Cdo RE, have Techs on the Orbat.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yes, one of the WO1s at Arborfield did it as a Tom - and it did him no harm :)
  5. Wikipedia can be your freind:
  6. As a technician? The marines used to have their own REME trained techs. That is; selected marines went to the SEME to get trained as techs. I think it is more feasible to do AAComando as a Scaley tech. But I am out now, so things may have changed.
  7. Yes as a technician, the Royals also have their own VMs ARMs and RechMechs doesn't stop REME bods from completing AACC and serving with 29, 59 or Cdo Log.
  8. Sory to go OT. Just followed that link. Have all the electronic tech trades (apart from avionics), now been combined?
  9. Thanks for that correction. Times have changed.
  10. Yeah, Tech Elec now covers it all, the first SuperTechs(!) left the factory in around 2004. Now Techs just get posted to a slot somewhere and told to crack on with it. So we end up with ex Radar Techs working on Optronics, Inst Techs on Tels kit, you get the picture.
  11. Thanks very much for all the info. So if I go ahead and join as a technician, will I definatly get the opertunity to do AACC? How long from signing up?

    Thanks Spaz for the info on the jobs. How did you bring that up because I can only seem to bring up jobs that they need people for? I want to look at all the technicians jobs and compare so I can decide which to choose.

  12. No, you will not definitely get the chance to do AACC. It will all depend on the tempo of the unit you are posted to, your desire to get away on the AACC probably won't be supported if your unit has a busy period coming up/a lot of work on. A lot will also depend on you, your fitness levels, attitude, motivation, that sort of thing. Your chain of command won't support your bid if you come across as a numpty.

    As I said your best chance of guaranteeing a shot at the course is getting yourself posted to a Cdo unit, although you should be able to get on the course from most units as long as you're patient.

    From signing up you will have to complete Phase 1 Training (around 3 months for adult entry) and Phase 2 Training (around 18 months for a Tech Elec I think) add a few months for waiting around for courses. You would then be posted to your unit, realistically you aren't likely to get a course within the first 6 months. I would estimate it at 2.5-3 years if you're considered up to it.

    Follow this link:

    Then go to the bottom left and use the Job Search, most jobs appear twice, once for junior entry and once for adult entry.
  13. Thanks again for that. So how would I go about being posted in a Cdo unit? Would I need to finish phase 2 of my training, then hopefully there will be a position there?

    Due to having a variety of electrical qualifications (NVQ 3, HNC etc), would this give me the opertunity to fast track through the technicians training?

  14. As soon as you finish Phase 1 and get to Arborfield for Phase 2 make it known to your duty of care staff that this is what you are after. Also mention it during any interviews you have during Phase 2 and keep smashing the Phys out. The other REME Phase 2 training establishment at Bordon runs specialist PT for those wanting to go Cdo/Para, Arborfield may do the same but I don't know.

    There may be the opportunity to fast track through Phase 2 missing the bits you're already qualified in and only completing equipment related modules but again I don't know, have a read through the sticky at the top of the REME board:
  15. I was told that they may not allow you to do aacc straight away as they would want to to stay with the army as they have spent so much on your training?

    So what ever technician trade I choose even avionics technician I will still be able to do aacc or are some technician trades more able to do the aacc? Another thing I was told was that you can't do aacc if your in the army air cops which I would be in if I went down the avionics tech route.