REME certs NEED HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Grev71, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Need the help from someone with regards to finding certificates when I served in the REME. Was never issued with them as it was '89 when I did my trade training at Bordon.
    Now all employers need certs and city and guilds have NO record of me serving, kentigern house in Glasgow don't keep certs apparently and my red book is not enough proof for cng to say that I did the courses and passed???
    So that leaves me up that creek without that so needed paddle. Any lads got any ideas or experience with this problem. SEME have also drawn a blank......
  2. responses very good! )
  3. Might want to try your luck here: REME
    Employers need certs now for a job other than the first one you get after leaving school?
  4. That was 23 years ago, surely you must have gained new skills by now.
    I don't think any employer would check so far back so thouroughley(I have a stammer)
    Did you do your upgraders course, if not, it's only a mickey mouse qualification
    you must have aquirred.
    Forgive me for asking. What type of job are you going after.
    With my vast experience in the job market, you should at least get a 3 month trial, if you can do joined up writing on your application. Unlike me, I was looking forward to a land of milk and honey, but my bastard employers kept me on.

    Good worker me. xxxx
  5. I'm contracting at the moment working in Germany on military equipment, but companies like BAE, roevin, aerotek, M & E , TXM , in fact anyone involved in contracting and military vehicles want and ask for proof that your are class 1 mech. Papers , papers, papers....
    i have plenty skills but nowadays experience is not more important than papers....... REME said I have been archived, Glasgow have no records, and SEME can't find me on the system....
    Back to square one then :(