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Discussion in 'REME' started by ramsy66, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. What's your view on REME Bns?

    Yay or nay?

    Edit: How are REME Bns for supporting?
  2. I'm an oxygen what would I know??

    How do you mean? As a posting, as an idea, as a way of supporting the teeth arms etc?

    You need to be more specific in your question.
  3. Still don't understand what you're getting at. did two (5&3) and enjoyed my time at both. it's not for everyone though. clean nose and get on with what your told and you'll get by. bring a lttle extra to the party, ideas for charity stuff, adv trg courses etc and you might stand a bit higher than everyone else. there are so many REME there that you've got to do a little more to get noticed and give your boss something to write about in your CR.

    Go for a German one though, if your young free and single. Don't blast 50 gyros's down your gregory every weekend though. the amount of fast food and booze you have out there is proportional to the length of time you take on a PFT.

    It hits you at about 26, your jeans give up, wave a little white flag and all of a sudden you're a fat bast!!!
  4. Can you count 19CSS? It used to be 5 Bn but changed its name. Very good unit and it is getting better. It'll be sad to leave.
  5. As said i think you need to word the question and poll better as you arent in yet and dont really understand what your asking.
    Some kind of answer to the question i think your asking.

    I was at an Armd Wksp in Germany in 1993 when they changed to REME Battalions and to be honest no real difference, just changed to CS Close Support and GS General Support Companies still giving 2nd Line Support to the Brigade and 1st Line units. Just meant more tiffy posts were opened especially with changes in the Engineering Principles and Personnel Developement the REME orchastrated well before Army PDR's.

    Ist Line units are there to support their host Regiment but also must be able to do the 2nd line work when needed or for personnal development of the blokes.

    By the end of the day the old saying of REME BN 'to much sh*t in one place' is there because as said you have a lot more people in your rank to fight against on CR's. But you can also get a lot of valuable hands on experience across the board of other units equipment.
    eg at 2nd line I worked on Chieftain, Challenger, Warrior in FRG then Seddon, DROPS and other smaller kit in Production platoon (a vast ammount of kit)
    Where as when I was with an Armd Inf 1st line unit I just worked on Warrior.
    When I worked with the Engineer 1st line units it was just plant kit.

    Etc, etc, etc,

    Basically your question is sh*t mate.

    edited to say i voted yes because everyone should do a BN for experience and one hell of a p*ss up, especially Traz.
  6. I've been out a long time, but I found that the more REME there was the worse it was. Never happier than when I was with teeth arms and the REME strength was about 15 men run by a SSGT.
  7. Yeah, that's true :lol: I don't really know how to word the question. Another guy in my other thread said "Can someone make a poll for this?" as someone made a comment saying that REME Bn's are shite.
  8. As an Armourer there is much more job satisfaction at a first line Unit, esp inf.
  9. Agree mate and 1st and 2nd line units have pro's and cons for all trades, but the original post is extremely unsure of what he's asking and what he wants to find out. (he must be a potential tiffy :wink: )
  10. in my day l.a.d,s were where you learn,t your trade and had the best piss ups! :wink:

    edited for being drunk.
  11. What's a tiffy? :?
  12. Artificer's are shiny arsed desk wallahs.

    An Artisan is an all round good bloke that is hands on.


    There are no Armourer's in Hell
    There are VM's, Queers and Tiffy's
    There are no Armourer's in Hell
  13. Is that because you cant get an Armourer out of his comfy little Armourers shop off his playstation :wink: . Change your statement to

    There are no Armourer's in Hell
    There are VM(b), Queers and Tiffy's
    There are no Armourer's or VM(A) Artisans in Hell

    What am I saying I deserve to go to hell for what Ive got away with in the past :D
  14. Playstation, bloody playstation, I knew letting women become Armourers was a mistake. In my day any spare time was spent sharpening bayonets making Dum Dum bullets and replacing the rubber bullets with U2 batteries.
  15. REME Artificers are Novel and Interesting characters who form the backbone of our corps.
    At least this was the shiite fed to us at what was the Officer school in Arborfield.