REME Bn in Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'REME' started by gemsipot, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know what the REME bn is like in Ireland, 19 light brg.

    What are the quaters and schools like..?

    considering this as my first posting when i pass out of phase 2.

    I'm TSS btw :oops: :?
  2. Hello,

    If I was you I would ask for Germany. You have to go to a REME battalion for your first posting, and there not the most exciting places to be at, especially as a TSS. So make the most of being a crafty and go to Germany. I wish I did.
  3. Since when have we had a REME Bn in Ireland?

    We didn't even have one in Northern Ireland!

    Edited to add:

    If you mean what used to be NICSSR, then this is not a REME Bn, it is a Trog Bn with a REME LAD (or it was 6 years ago).
  4. well i have been told that there is a REME bn there and its one of a few choices that we have for our first posting after phase 2.

    i am a mum with 3 young children and as the family are very new to the Army way of life i didnt want to go straight out to germany and drag the kids to a some foriegn country where they have no family etc, the uk postings are shite and just wanted to know about the REME bn in Ireland.

    it's a toss up between Ireland and Wattisham ...
  5. It is actually 19 CSS Bn. REME Coy in a mixed REME and RLC Bn.
  6. So up yours Bodhisattva
  7. Avoid Wattisham. It's a hole.

    In NI, you'll get extra pay, which will help with the kids etc.
  8. Most of the quarters are pretty good. Behind the wire in Palace Barracks so shared with an Infantry Battalion. Primary education is excellent in NI and there is a really good creche/pre school in Palace.

    You're right on the edge of Belfast with a train station close by. Tesco, Sainsbury, Ikea all within a spit.

    It's a good spot.
  9. Hence why I said "or it was 6 years ago" which is when I was last there so up yours too.

    And I maintain that it is in Northern Ireland, not Ireland :p
  10. I don't think you get NI pay anymore - didn't you hear Smudge; there is peace now?
  11. Oh yeah, forgot :roll:
  12. In that case, choose 4 or 6 battalion. Tidworth is a wonderful area to bring up children, pretty much zero crime, quarters are good and theres some fairly decent schools. And an endless pit of childminders.
  13. No such place as 'Ireland'

    Its Northern Ireland or Ulster. Red White & Blue. No surrender!!!!!

    Have to defend our identity cause the shoddy Labour government arent!!

    Wouldnt be in a rush to get posted there! All the perks are gone in favour of the 'Peace' Which is a good thing if only it where true, another thing Labour would have you believe.
    Anyways enough of the Bolotics, go for Germany! Much better and it aint long before you are making friends and BBQ season is arriving soon!!!!!! Woohoo! Good times! Good education system, cheap fags and booze, all night boozin' Gyros mit pommes und mayo oder spicy sauce!!

    Good luck!!!!
  14. No, you're wrong, I've just googled it; It's still there. Ulster is part of Ireland too, I know, I used to live in Derry. :)
  15. Thanks CC_TA.

    I live in Ireland and I had to have a quick shufti out of the window. Yep still here.

    To gemsipot the OP. You will love NI it's a beautiful part of the world.