REME Being Absorbed into RLC to Form CSS Corps

Discussion in 'REME' started by spike1888, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. I'm hearing rumours of REME being absorbed into the RLC to form a CSS Corps, do you think this is long overdue, a bad idea or who gives a toss. Personally for me it can't come quick enough but what are your thoughts?
  2. I know, lets just have "The Forces", where the Flying Corps get their own cap badge, as do the Sea Corps and the Land Corps... in fact fuckit. We'll let the other departments join too. Police, fire and medic corps. We could also let people in suits join. How about the Banking Corps and the Asda Corps...
  3. i get a feeling judging by your previous posts you do not like the REME care to ellaberate on this or are you just scorn cnut spitting out his dummy

  4. :evil: Already happening look at 19 css bn!

    The top brASS have already merged infantry without giving much of a toss about their identity and history so this wouldnt suprise me .

    Hope it doesnt happen the army is strapped for manpower already and the shortage of reme this would cause wouldnt be funny! :twisted:
  5. Is this the second longest running rumour in the Army?

    The longest of course has to go to that bus load of nurses that are coming to a do near you - incidentally where is the bus at the moment?

    I can't see it happening in the near future (either the merger or the bus turning up for that matter).
  6. No, it's happening. I heard Taff and Dinger talking about it :roll:
  7. what the nurse bus isnt true but there is 1 coming round the corner this weekend i heard it myself

    well thats my weekend ruined

  8. The nurses all have blue rinses and surgical stockings now,they turn up for bingo teas,our Vicar just ordered a bus load for next thursday :wink:
  9. No mate, it must be true this time - no smoke without fire and all that. Sadly the nurses may be knocking on a bit now and will probably be quite tired after such a long bus ride.

    Edited to add: Slow typing should have appeared one post up if I could press keys quickly enough.
  10. Do they actually turn up though? In my experience either they don't bother to cancel or they turn up long after I have gone home. To be honest I've stopped bothering to invite them anymore.
  11. Damnit, mine too. I'm on duty!
  12. I would imagine that REME officer's would be only too happy for it to happen. After all, despite the fact that we like to slag them, there are a lot of smart men and women out there. If we amalgamate then there would be a lot more units needing commanders and, no disrespect to the RLC officer's, think they would do very well on any board.

    I wouldn't want it but I can't really say why, guess its just Corps loyalty. Would it really affect us that much? Kit would still need fixing, stores still need demanding, what benefits would there be? Lose 1x high level desk officer at records? Anything else?
  13. Would you want to wear that fcuking RLC capbadge?
  14. Sparky,

    I agree, I haven't really thought too much ref the pros and cons but something tells me it's a bad idea. I think it's a mixture of Corps loyalty and a natural aversion to change that is inherent in most of us.

    I certainly hadn't considered the ramifications of command boards and appointments. I wonder what the reaction to that would be if this was posted in the RLC forum? Out of interest does anyone out there know what happened when the RLC was formed - did one of the pre-existing cap badges dominate at these boards?
  15. All of the REME would all have to buy RLC stable belts (which are only available in XL, XXL, XXXL and Port Op sizes).