REME BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

For those of you who may remember Shelley Rudman who won a Silver medal at the Winter Olympics this year, she was taught by the REME (ex VM Sgt Jack Baldwin) on an Army Ice Sports camp in 2002, Shelley also has other links with the Army which have been mentioned in other threads. She is a cracking lass genuinely honest and as we all know very good looking!! There is a plan by her website to get her nominated for BBC Sports personality of the year, and after having very little backing, even less money and a sled bought by her local pub, i think she deserves a chance!

Go to the bbc website and place her as your nomination, lets see if we can sway the votes towards her inclusion, and test the power of ARRSE!
Jack Baldwin took me on a tour of Richmond castle when we were at QDG together.

So Ive nominate him for the BBC 'Forts' Personality of the year.

I Thank You!

........Oh and Bob I have registered my vote for Shelley ;)

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