REME Battalions - pulling their weight?

Discussion in 'REME' started by PCLG, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. There is an old adage about the Corps:

    REME is like horse manure. Spread thinly and widely (LAD's) its brings everything up smelling like roses. Lumped together (Bn) it rots and stinks like shite.

    Are REME Battalions currently giving the first line units good service?
  2. Not in my experience, the planning behind the big lump is somewhere which I mean we have an increasing number of guys/girls who are not good at their trade because the Bn concentrates on other issues, this is shown up when you get a poorly trained FRT turn up to do a job and they either stuff it up or take 3 times as long to do it, hence the amount of self help. Mind you we all spend so much time on MATTS now it's a wonder we do anything at all, was going to use the toilet earlier but didn't have a pass in wiping my own backside so I just did it in my pants.
  3. Hmmmm, dont know if I agree totally with the above comment.

    Having served at 2Bn, couple years back now, I found certain elements of the Bn very proffesional, with good tradesman and planning.

    That said there were some that werent quite up to scratch, I suppouse it depends on what your personal experience is though.

    Again I have heard some shocking things about other Bn but having not served their myself not prepared to make my mind up. I think it can be a little to easy to say all 2nd line units are dog toffy because of the expected bulls**t level, when in reality they have a lot of good things going for them.

    And as far as Matts dont have to be a Bn to have Matts coming out your arrse. Believe me a unit I served with had three, one week MATT camps a year !!!!!!
  4. Cyclical – depends on who is in the battalions at the time and how they are run. Like most things it is the professionalism of the incumbents that determine how the establishment is run and the standard of the output.

    This obviously applies to LADs as well and all is governed by the standard of personnel ‘supplied’ by the training organisation.
  5. Far from pulling their weight the only thing that REME Bns pull is their penises. That is from both sexes.
  6. I wonder where you'll next PPP where be for then !!!
  7. Second line have to realise that every single thing they do must be to support first line or to enable them to support first line or they just become yet another self licking lollypop REME Bn. I might add I have seen some fantastic REME Bns in the past.

  8. Self licking lolly pop - I like it. It perfectly describes 6 Bn at the moment.
  9. 6 Bn like the rest of us are somewhat short of manpower, just about everywhere is critically undermanned.
  10. Having just spent an Op Tour working along side the 2nd Line lot, I have to say that they have all the good intentions to support the 1st line units best they can, unfortunately they compilcate even the simplest of tasks asked of them. The HQ element are far to engrossed in doing over detailed plans, complex orders and fancy looking time-line charts etc, when simple and practical decision making is all that is needed. This alas, is simply a way for them to collect those ever important brownie points and to ensure all that Doctrine Trg and those endless planning exercises do not go to waste.
  11. Can someone more current than myself explain the difference between a REME battalion & what was known as a Field Workshop.... or is it just a new name for the same thing ?
  12. They have removed the morale and spanners from the Bns :lol:
  13. So, as a bloke who has never served at a Bn but is just about to go, what do they do well & why is it so. What don't they do well, why isnt it so good and how could it be done better?

  14. You will be OK Sparky, just hide from the ivory tower :wink:
  15. I had the best 2 years of my career at 2Bn, but it just like every other unit in the Army, the people make the place. It annoys me when Bn's are constanly ripped, mainly by folk that have little or no experience serving in one.

    Yes there is a certain amount off bullsh1t and niff naff, but the good times I had far outweighed the bad ones and I would go back tomorrow if I had the chance.