REME Avionics Tech Vs Vehicle Mech

Discussion in 'REME' started by PotentialOPMI, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi all..

    I am in the process of joining the Army, I have done my BARB and scored 80 and I am now waiting for my doctor to fill out his part of the medical form.
    At first I was interested in joining as an OPMI in the Intelligence Corps. However since looking at the engineering jobs list I seem to be more interested and suited to joining the army as a REME. The 2 jobs that most catch my eye are Avionics Tech & Vehicle Mech.. I understand that a VM when leaving the mob could do civvie car mechanics, HGV, heavy plant and mechanical engineering!? So what does a Avionics/Electronics Tech do on civvie street?

    I am still undecided and I am not making the decision solely on what I could do when/if I left the army but it would be nice to have a few ideas :-D

    Thanks in advance

    P.s I already know I could work at supermarkets, fast food chains and/or be homeless
  2. Okay, So just too put my mind at rest as I do think Av Tech would be more interesting, Could an ex Avionics tech look to be a hardware engineer? If not have you got some suggested job titles as Avionics Technician Jobs doesn't produce alot
  3. Okay great. That's filled me with confidence that I am making the right decision :) Thanks for the prompt and enlightening replies.
  4. I do know that here in New Zealand avionics techs are as rare as rocking horse shit and will never go without work.
    I suppose this is the one positive from having an education system that doesn't beleive in teaching maths and science. (or English for that matter).
  5. I can't speak for the army side but RAF Avionics techs (not mechs) were qualified to HNC/HND level in my time. Many of my ex-colleagues went on to become licenced engineers for commercial airlines and others into more diverse tech areas such as F1, IT and telecomms.

    There was also a significant difference in payscales between AV and MT Tech.
  6. Become rent boys, all of them.