REME avionics tech or electronics tech??

Discussion in 'REME' started by weally, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. I have passed selection and all that and have got avionics technician down as first choice, however i have heared that the postings are limited and i know it is a longer course than the electronics course so am considering doing this instead. Any advice or opinions on what people think i should go for?
  2. You were right that avionics postings are limited, with the majority of them in uk. This is alright if you want to stay in the UK, but is abit of a downer if you want to serve overseas. The plus side is that you get good civilian qualifications for when you finish with the army.
    On the other hnd if you go electronics you have a much wider variety of postings, with a lot greater percentage being overseas. You will also get to work in very close to the other corps/arms in the armyYou also get good qualifications( up to degree level if you eventually go artificer, this applies to avionics as well.) As an electronics technician you will also get to work a very large assortment of equipment and are not limited to two or three.

    So as they the choice is yours!
  3. It is not as simple as you having a choice. Even if you are totally dedicated to becoming an avionics technician, if you fail to achieve very good results during your basic technician training you will be streamed as electronics technician regardless of your recruiting choice. Avionics relies on a certain aptitude (wargamming types :D ), seriously a high level of personal intergrity and excellent technician training results (theory and practical).

    Alternately, electronics technician courses are quicker (so you get promoted faster) and they literly have 100 times the number of postings available than that of the aircraft trades :p

    Good luck for the future.
  4. Electronics Tech is not just an easy option that failed avionics techs go to!! From what I was told by some Av Tech mates (yes there are a few who are ok) is that they are the jack of all trades and master of none. Electronics Techs on the other hand tend to specialise on a certain equipment after class one.
  5. In my day no difference in academic standards of Avionics tech and Electronics techs (Fail at Avionics you don't have Electronics as a shortfall) only difference in length of course is down to the relative complexity of the final product, the inner workings of the electronics on CR2 etc are not easier than avionics its just a perception.

    Yes Avionics is seen to be the 'better' trade but that is just hype, aviation the world over has this I'm better than you attitude no matter what the service, if you want the postings and a more varied carreer electronics is the path forward and has great career prospects on the outside, if you have a burning desire to work on aircraft then avionics is the job for you or dare I say it join the RAF, as for career prospects you better make sure you get your civvy tickets as an avionics tech or no job in the aircraft world for you on the outside.

    All in all its your call think long and hard about what you want from a career, speak to people doing the job if you can and whatever choice you make, take it with both hands and make the most of it, it's a great life if you can hack it.

    Good Luck
  6. Weally,
    you have made the first step in what will turn out to be a worthwhile career. You are extremely fortunate because you have got the choice of two excellent career paths. Avionics & Electronics Tech are very similar, just on different equipments. Yes, as people have said, you may specialise more in one or diversify more in another, but you will be applying your electronic training to fault-find on multi-million pound pieces of military hardware whichever trade you choose, and that line has to stand more of a chance with the birds than claiming to be a dustbinman!

    Although postings as an Avionics Tech are predominantly UK based, there are overseas postings too, and plenty of chance to do 'roulemont', or short, tours with those foreign based units. There are a hell of a lot less Avionics techs than their Electronic brethren too, and so less people to compete for those choice posts, which kind of evens the odds a little.

    Yes the courses are a little longer, because there is an airworthiness level to the training that the Elec Techs obviously won't get, but aside from that, the training is very similar.

    In essence, the choice is yours fella. Both are fine trades that you will thoroughly enjoy. Both will reward you if you are willing to put in the hard work. Talk to the guys already on course, and the Upgraders too who have seen the real world. Get a balanced opinion, don't just talk to one side. Form your own opinion, make a decision, and never regret it.

    Good luck. :D
  7. When you move to phase two trg in Arborfield, you will have to undergo several common modules first and, assuming these are completed successfully, you will be loaded onto a basic electronics course. This is regardless of your desire for avionics or electronics tech jobs. Towards the end of BE you will be asked for your preference and then allocated a futher trg course.

    So realistically, you do not have to make your mind up for a while yet, and whichever way it goes, I wish you luck!
  8. ECE FTW
  9. Fella thats all good advice, you would do well to take it all in.

    When you start at SEAE you will be doing common modules which all potential REME tradesmen must take and then modules that all potential REME Techs must take. Dependant on your results and performance during these modules you will either find that all Tech trades are open to you, or that your choices are slightly limited. The aircraft world entrance standard is slightly higher than the rest of the Tech trades. The bottom line is that if you work hard and keep your nose clean the world is your oyster.
    The aircraft world is a very small one with limited postings, so if its the world you want to see it may not be for you.

    What ever you decide you want, work hard and look forward to getting out of the training world and into the field army where the grass is much greener and life is generally much better. Too many soldiers under going basic trade training loose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel and end up thinking that army life is always going to be like that you find at SEAE. It definately is not that way. Although SEAE is good, life gets better in the field force.

    Good luck
  10. Although Avionics Tech may be perceived as having limited posting opportunities - Wattisham, Dishforth, Gutersloh and NI immediately spring to mind. Further, the career prospects are excellent as are the opportunities to go on operations.

    To be fair though, you've won in life's 1st lottery - you've got a chance to be in the REME!
  11. cheers for the info and advice has helped alot thanks

  12. Nope, its virtually the same as being a class 2. Every 2 years you get posted and wether it be MLRS in Newcastle or Clansman in Tidworth, you still get to work on various bits of kit. If thats good or not is a different discussion all toghether.
  13. Go Technical Storeman.

    Your 1st Class course qualifies you all the way to Lt Col if you are good enough.

    No hard maths or physics, no tiffy boards or training.

    No KREMLIN!!!!!!!

    Just a warm storeroom and uncompetitive promotion.

  14. Call me vain, but that gay powder puff does nothing for my skin tone.

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    ECE all the way!!! :twisted:

  15. It's not the same as being a class 2 at all. You get more responsibility for starters and I seem to be posted every three years. Are you sure you have done your class 1? Maybe your views on it being the same is because you have yet to progress??? Although by the sounds of it you have had a bit more variety than me you lucky b*stard.