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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Stained_Eligius, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. Found this: REME Aviation

    Site run by Chels Hale in Germany (ex ASM). Worth a look :)
  2. Lordy! Bottom of the home page has a pic of Hobart Barracks. I joined the site and found over a 100 pictures of Hobart being pulled down! End of an era!
  3. Yep, I even found a pic of me on course at Wallop in the eighties. Was uploaded by a mate of mine that I'd lost contact with. Back in contact now tho :)
  4. They should have filled the blocks with BATS before bulldozing them :D
  5. What a horrible thought... All of those perfect BAT genes squashed by bricks.

    Got a feeling I'm leaving myself wide open here MDN :)
  6. I had a look at the site, forgot I'd joined back in 03 before I bought my Mac and lost many old sites.
    Can't beleive I did 23 years in that Corps, hardly knew anyone on the site. I was mainly first line I know more ACC then Remes I find on the board.
    Fantastic photos of Detmold. I copied the pre War ones and last night gave them to the elderly german gent I have a drink with, say twice a week. He was over the moon and amazed that I could find such info on the web.
    I also gave him a copy of the Rentagerman and suggested we go into business. Pizzed himself.
    See we have a poster called Mr. Angry, can't be the original Mr. A ex para colour man with 4 Regt. Dropped three, one each, post mess meeting, ah was lucky R.J. was Rasman, he knew some folks needed sorting.
  7. Had a good scan at the members list knew quite a few of them, does anyone know the where abouts of 'Boots' the pet LAEM that was posted to 71 ? :D