REME at Engineers Regt?

Discussion in 'REME' started by strumpet, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. strumpet

    strumpet Swinger

    Hi everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong place but just wondered if any of you could give me a bit of info... Mr Strumpet is posted to 26 Engineers in Sept and we have never been to an engineer regt before (only a REME Battalion), so just wondered what to expect - or if any of you have been to 26 before and what it is like?? Any info would be great!

    Thanks in advance

  2. Not been to 26 but had a posting with 38 Engineer Workshop and 62 LAD, two excellent Engineers postings. Some extremely good units where my wife and family were treated very well. You get some good banter with the Wedges and really good social life but a lot of tours like everywhere else.
  3. 15/16_OJ

    15/16_OJ Swinger

    I'd have to agree with THE_IRON and say that a posting to an Engineer unit was one of the highlights of my career. 26 Engr's was my first posting after trade traning, but this was way back in 85 when they were oringinaly based at Iserlohn.
  4. SpannerSpanker

    SpannerSpanker Old-Salt

    I personally would say if a REME Battalion was your first posting and he is going to engineers as second posting things are definately going to be looking up for you. Any posting that isnt the uncertainty and constant fcuk around of a REME Bn is always a plus.
  5. EX_REME

    EX_REME Crow

    You lucky person, I had to wait 13 years before I got to the engineers....
  6. strumpet

    strumpet Swinger

    Thanks Guys, appreciate the replys! Hopefully it will be great - roll on September!

  7. thumper563

    thumper563 Swinger

    Am just round the corner myself with 22 Engrs, by far my best posting, not sure about 26 but engrs on the whole are a good lot.

    Apart from that anything is going to be good after a Bn
  8. Cairngorm

    Cairngorm Old-Salt

    25 and 23 were great postings.
  9. bawbag

    bawbag Old-Salt

    Had a damn fine posting with 26 squadron, 32 Engineer regiment in Hohne about 10 years ago. Nice to be working with people who actually cared about their kit & had a similar level of intelligence to the average REME punter.
  10. Things must've changed since I was at 22 in 2000-2003. The CO's interview was an eye opener. "We dont man the equipment. We equip the man then we break it and put it back and you sort it"
    I always thought them a bit too far up there own arrse and confusing themselves with 22 SAS at times.
    Having said that, a posting is what you make it and with a decent OC and ASM with guts it can be fun. Good luck.