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Discussion in 'REME' started by Nobby_REME, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Gents

    Any serving or retired members of the Corps living in the Bristol area, the REME Association branch are on the look out for new members.

    We meet monthly (last Thursday of the month) at the Horfield T.A. Centre, the members are a friendly bunch always keen to find out about our experiences. If you are up for a drink the bar is reasonably stocked with beers/lagers (£1.00 a can), spirits £0.50 a shot & soft drinks.

    If any of you are interested or require more info P.M. me & I will give you a call.


  2. No takers Nobby. If I lived nearer I'd join you myself.
  3. John

    Thanks mate, I did get a p.m. to try Shabbywood as it is full of REME punters. Unfortunately they are usually to busy to come & see us old farts :D

  4. I'm in the Brighton & Hove branch and have worked with any number of ex-REMEs (particularly around Crawley, for some reason), none of them were interested. Maybe it's because REME move around so much that they never get a chance to 'bond' with their own Corps (or maybe they just want to forget).
  5. Nobby, PM sent.
  6. Pot Aussie

    Reply in your Inbox.


  7. KRC


    Hi all, i have just moved to bristol and looking to find an ex corp social outlet. Is this still happening in horfield or is ther any other social meetings in the area.

  8. Keith

    We still meet in Horfield as above, p.m. me & I will update you.


  9. Just out of interest, what happens at these meetings? Do you just get drunk and talk about yester-years?
  10. KRC


    Hi Nobby not sure how the PM works but i will sort it out
  11. I don't live that near Brizzle, but I may well be working there the week of the 21st, so certainly up for pulling up a few sandbags and swinging the Tilley lamp.
  12. Keith

    P.M sent

  13. We are meeting on the 24th, so if interested in a drop of the good stuff pm me

  14. Yesteryears, today, tomorrow, as ex members of the Corps drink is at the forefront of our activities. Seriously though, the Branch is about keeping the members active, informed about Corps matters & generally being sociable.

  15. Anyone interested in the Shropshire branch please feel free to contact me.

    Meeting are the last Wednesday in every month plus a few socials and trips etc. throughout the year.