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On joining (1979) I became a member of the REME Association ("sign here sonny, you are now a member and the money will come out of your pay").

I always understood it was life membership....anyone know if that is the case?

I followed a link earlier to the REME Chalet where ex serving member are eligible as long as they are Association me thinking.

I know, I could contact the Association, but thought I could get a quick heads-up here first.
I have just investigated this for somone.

To get your number you need ring REME Assoc Sec in Arbors.

Then ring Herford and the booking will be made against the strength of you number.

If you PM me I will send you the relevant phone numbers
Are you an active member of the Association? Your local branch would make you most welcome, most of them these days will be looking for new members as most of the modern Corps on leaving dont look at their local Branch as an option of enjoying a bit of "Esprit de Corps".

By all means use your membership as a means of getting cheap accomodation for skiing, but there are a few old & bold members who would love to hear your recollections of the Corps today.


I am in the REME Association in Scotland and whilst I do not actively participate in any of the events at the moment, I will in future years I'm sure.
My view on joining and paying subscriptions to the REME Association is whilst it wont do you any harm it has the potential to do, if not you, someone good.
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