REME Association Job Agency (RAJA): waste of webspace?

Discussion in 'REME' started by gettinoutsoon, Dec 23, 2008.

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    What a load of rubbish. I have made numerous visits to this website and it is hardly ever updated. Is this just a token gesture that is being poorly blagged or a serious effort by REME to help those leaving?

    Go have a look. Looks like there are a lot of jobs but take another look at the posting date. First one listed in August for christs sake. In fact, I just took a sample look through the "latest" jobs page and they were all dated Aug or Sep. What a joke. Latest my arrse!!!

    Either get a grip of it or close it. Just stop insulting our intelligence. :roll:
  2. Try accessing through Armynet. the most recent jobs are there.

    I think they have forgotten to switch the old pages off...

    From the 'old' homepage:

    "This site has now moved to

    Please log on to Armynet and navigate to the REME Home page via the Unit & Orgs link. From there click on the Resettlement Nav bar to access RAJA "

  3. Cheers for the update. I must have missed that bulletin :)

    Just been in there...was a tad overwhelmed at the multiple menus that the ArmyNet website has. You have got to admit, it is an awfully designed site. Why we dont leave this to the experts I will never know. Letting hobbyist web designers do it has never worked...anyway...

    Am I doing something wrong or is there only 20 jobs in there? Better than nothing but I expected more....? Or has this mad layout meant I have missed a link?
  4. Really, surely the bloke that has just left the job left it on commission and with some kind of deme award for all his hard work.

    Difficult to believe with those kind of references it has fallen apart already....
  5. And have all those critising sent suggestions for improvement :? or do they feel like slagging off someone who's tried their best & is always willing to take calls & offer advice :?
  6. I got my first job after de-mobbing through Raja and found RC to be a stand up bloke who always answered my (sometimes stupid) questions. I also got a lead to my second and current job through there. Take from it what you will guys :)
  7. Have no clue who you think I am slagging off here...I personally dont give a monkeys who has landed the cushy job where ever it may be (Arborfield?).

    The observations were:

    There are hardly any jobs published.
    The website is awful (poor navigation).

    The idea, in principle, is a great one. However, the reality is that it is being run by the REME and a wannabe webster. Never good. Just look at the Army website in is awful. littered with broken links and out of date info.
  8. That said, any info is better than I thank RAJA for that. But I always have doubts about the credibility of the info published. Probably a result of me not knowing it had been re-located on the ArmyNet whilst I was still looking at the old www site. Maybe it isone of those sites that you have to give a little time and get used to? Maybe.
  9. What EScotia is saying is that so far all you have done is slag something off.

    You make no apology for not realising you are on the wrong site then all you do is slag off the design of the armynet one. Your last post says that you doubt the credibility of the site as well. Who the fcuck are you to criticise and doubt the credibility?

    I happen to know RC well and the current RAJA WO exceptionally well. Im sure he'd be only to happy to listen to your views and I mean that in a non confrontational way. That way you may just alter things for the better and help those behind you rather than just whingeing about somebody's job in forum.
  10. I'm with Sparky on this one! RC is a top lad, and worked blinking hard to get the RAJA up to some kind of decent state. If in any doubt about the content of the site, ring the the WO RAJA up - he'll be more than happy to talk you through what is current.
  11. not been on this particular site, however the Army website has got a crappy search engine so maybe it is not the fault of the RAJA owner but the army website.
  12. I am sure the guy who started this, whether whinging or not, is entitled to his say. Excuse me if I am wrong but this is a forum?. People are entitled to print what they like as are you people whinging about his whinging.
    I am sick to death of people thinking that because they have done quite a bit of time, they are by nature, correct in whatever they print. In answer to the guys original post, if you do not like the RAJA site use something else. There are hundreds out there and many other job forums that are a lot nore friendly than military ones.
  13. FI16 was that aimed at blokes like me?

    I'll tell you what Im sick of. Im sick of blokes whingeing just for the sake of it. Im especially sick when blokes have a whinge that is unjustified and actually exposes their ignorance. I am even further sick when blokes whinge about someone doing a job from an anonymous view point on a public forum. Believe it or not, even rubbish threads like this are read by people in DEME(A) & a flippant comment like that above may see a WO1 questioned about how he carries out his job.
  14. Instead of whinging on here why not pick up the phone and SPEAK face to face with the WO in RAJA. If there is a problem then tell him. FFS Man up fellas you are going to have to stand on your own 2 feet soon. Its not the only tool to find a job in civvy steet. His number is on the web page!!! Hint Hint
  15. I agree with the first bit of your post Sparky, if people are going to whinge, it needs to be constructive and open.

    However, if DEME(A) staff feel the need to question a WO1 based on a comment on Arrse, then WOs1 must have changed since I left 3 years ago, or Officers have got a lot braver!