REME Artificer Tech Looking for Posting...

... anywhere prefered outside of UK. I'm after something a bit different away from REME Bns next summer. Because of Glasgow posting me early (Change in LSN's, honestly!) I've been asked to submit my pref now. Any ideas? Anything different in the UK? I am FE, Wife, no kids but dog has to come with.
As a REME artificer I would of thought that you would of had the knowledge to find this out for yourself.
Tiffy's are always the best for networking, you all spend most of your time on the phone to those who were on your tiffy course giggling about what you got up to!
So my bit of adice tiff is to phone these chums of yours and get it first hand. Not from a board whom the light at the end of the tunnel is more important than a cushy posting.

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