REME Army/Navy tickets

Discussion in 'REME' started by chopperharris, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me(No funny jokes) but is anyone the focal point for Army/Navy ticket for the REME. i've been waiting for the ad in The Craftmens to appear but so far nothing. I've normally ordered my tickets & bar wristbands by now.

    Can Any one help!! :frustrated:
  2. It really is just you chopper!

    C'mon, you text me, can't you use the old boy network to find out where I am (perhaps through a fat hairy LE mutual friend of ours?!!)

    Just send the cheque and a SAE mate and I'll sort it out!!

    Hope tour was good, see you for a beer soon
  3. Whats with Pink wrist bands this time are we out to be noticed???
  4. Ha....You got them this year did you?
    We (RLC) had them last time.
  5. Do they make you look effeminate? You sure its the band?
  6. Hi Sparky8,

    At this late stage is it possible that you still have 4 tickets complete with wristbands for the hallowed event?

    Cheers ...
  7. Hi Sparky,
    Could you please PM and let me know if there are any spaces at the SEAE rugby dinner (sorry if you aren't POC), and tickets for the Army v Navy. I would like to attend both, if possible.
    Many thanks,
  8. Tickets are still available although time is running short to post them out. I suggest that if anyone wants tickets and wristbands that they get in a truck and come in see me in Arborfield.
  9. Anyone still need ticket and wristband pm me and I'll sell mine. On bike tour that weekend.
  10. Still got 300 tickets and bands left with over a week to go, if you want one, its not too late!

    Don't bother PM, do what it says in the Crafty but make sure you've sent it 1st class with a return envelope or get up to see me at Arborfield.

    We may lose the tent if we dont fill it and Im guessing that not many would like to be back in the Ruck and Maul or Scrum bars so if you havent got it yet, get it now!!!
  11. Sparky

    I take it we are inside this year and can therefore leave the fleeces at home?
  12. Yeah, tent near the north car park like 4 years ago. Just watch out for rain seepinf through the floors like then. Well, I hope it was rain!