REME ARMR after dirt on BOSS

Discussion in 'REME' started by DEVIANT_ARMOURER, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Im trying to collate some "crap from the past" on my gaffer. Billy Hill looks like the "Evil Hood" from Thunderbirds (google it you will know who i mean..) His time is nearly up an i want gossip, stories, pics, any crap basically an this is good start point.. watch this space for his units...
  2. This thread is almost as lame as "Have you seen the YofS selection results"!

    Second thoughts, it's fcuking worse!
  3. Well dont read it then yer moron!!!!

    Apologies to the original poster for the brainless reply above.

    Just remember: If you have nothing useful to say then dont say it. Same applies here.
  4. Wasn't he in Celle with the Poachers late eighties? Alright bloke, crap armourer. If it's the same guy, I hope he's kicked in to touch the ugly boxhead frau who was wedded to his tackle. Face like a fire damaged trackpad.

    As for Billy Belsen, how can a man go bald before puberty?
    Just mention 432 L37 turret TGBs and if he starts to deny everything, ask him how many rifles there are in the cellar...
  5. He married seriously...... He married her!!

  6. If he was at the LD's late nineties I have a couple of juicy nuggets of gossip
  7. Oh the Billy, yes I have many memeories of Billy. themanwho- what a chooper you are - Billy as any man who chooses his wife as we all do, at least he is still with her, stop being a c&^k. themanwho. Ask Billy about his wedding night and the wondeful accordion player he had instead of a disco, I have had a busy day in the bar and will expand on Billys history on Sunday - Oh the bald headed pervert
  8. Not wishing to get personal, but what the hell. The day I sit back and take stick from a fcuking window cleaner is the day I hand in my knife sharpener and devo porn.

    I didn't know that Billy Belsen had married the boxhead hippocrocapig, so don't get on your high horse you wobbly nipple. As it is the man has shown a surprising amount of grit - far more than I thought he had - by continuing to stir his porridge in that munter. I can only pray they didn't breed.
  9. Gundog aye tis the very man! the bald coot did the LD's an im all ears...
  10. I will send them via pm, we cannot have anyone leaking details to him before the event. Besides his wife (then) was quite slim and attractive, with all this talk of her being a bit of a growler it makes me wonder if he didn't trade her in.
  11. Either that, or our standards vary widely...
  12. Still a complete c&^k then!!!
  13. How the fcuk would a windex tech know anything about... well... anything?

    Remember, wax on THEN wax off.