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Discussion in 'REME' started by piesandchips54, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, me again( to those who have seen a few of my other posts).Im trying to get a look at the different trades in the reme, I dont want to pick the wrong one as Iv done that before (ex- loggy chef) and since doing so Iv prity much wasted 4 years of my life!Im looking into the armourer trade, just wondering if anyone can give me an insite to what its like, as the army jobs website isnt very informative and neither are te careers office staff!
  2. Only go Armourer if you're into "guns" otherwise whats the point.
  3. A fear of sunshine, pasty complexion and a love of painting Warhammer figurines will see you in good stead.
  4. .. in my experience they spent more time fixing bikes, petrol cookers and mounting bayonets as mess leaving presentations than they did fixing guns!
  5. I think you have us confused with techs old chap.
  6. I think you would have a hard time picking a bad trade in REME, they are all good. It depends on what sort of lifestyle you prefer, Techs and Airtechs work in a mostly clean environment, Steam REME trades have the widest variety of postings and is normally very hands on, Storemen (or whatever they are called now) work full on and are always busy and shipwrights probably have the widest variety of skills and training to call on.

    Like anything it's all down to how you make the best of it and take advantage of all the opportunities that are available.
  7. What happened to drinking beer, shooting guns and shagging women ?
  8. .... and to be a sexual deviant????? :twisted:
  9. problems, anythings better than painting warhammer figurines.
  10. ...And of course you get to wear the hallowed dustcoat...
  11. Of course, I'd forgotten about the dustcoat.

    Is it still an offical issued bit of kit ?
  12. I'll have to get a nsn for the coat of blagging.
  13. I had a visit at SEME TTA today. First time I had been back there since 1985 SA80 Eqpt course. Obviously my main point of call was the Small Arms and Armaments Sections. Speaking to the CI he told me that they have the worst drop out rate at SEME. When I probed this he said it was the type of soldier coming through.

    Everybody knows what a Vehicle Mechanic does but not many have much idea of what an Armourer does.

    It just shows that only the best become ARMOURER's.

    Unfortunately I come from a long line of Weapon Trades, father was Gun Fitter, Uncle Armourer, me Armourer and my nephew is currently a serving Armourer.

    Best trade going without a doubt.

    The thing that surprised me about the visit today was when walking around how quite it was. When I did my TT in 75/76 the place was a hive of activity. Going through the bench fitting area, there was only one course at their benches and then there was only about 6 of them. That shed was always noisy in my days.
  14. It can be a good trade but that mainly depends on where your posted.
    Ive done a posting with Armoured Inf which was always, always stupidly busy, but it was a very varied workload (ie some days it was small arms, others where spent crawling around the warrior turrets) After that i was posted to light infantry which wasnt quite as busy and the main wokrload was the small arms. Now im posted to a royal artilery camp, and my days concist of fixing binoculars, checking cookers and inspecting the bottom of my empty mug for endless hours. :roll:
  15. But as an Armourer you can never say that "Variety is not the spice of life".

    I also did a stint with a RA Field Regiment (26 Fd Regt RA Dortmund 80-81 - 105mm Abbott SP). Although the reduction in work on Small Arms was reduced, I worked with the gun fitters (voluntarily) to keep me busy, that's when i was not making a mint for the Wksp PRI Fund engraving everything and anything.