REME Armourer Tattoo?

It's a cracker. I hope he was offered a decent finance deal. Maybe monthly payments over six months or buy one and get one free. I wonder if any of the older members have a similar tattoo featuring SLRs. And I wonder what it looks like now with hairy baggy skin.
I can't help wondering, is he planning on putting a lot of weight on in the future?
I think a wider girth is the only way he'll be able to get the magazines to appear to be in proportion.

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**** PERSEC, get his regimental number & visage shown on here so he can be shown the error of his ways by a terrorist group.

That is one seriously shite tat - is he TA?
He must be TA. Regulars can't get near tattoo artists for the queues of STABs waiting for Squaddie themed tattoos. Because civvy employers love their STABs sporting bone tattoos of blood groups, Regimental crests, bulldogs, union jacks, naked women and "cut here" dotted lines around the neck etc etc

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