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Discussion in 'REME' started by navarone, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Hey, First time posting =|

    But I'm seriously worried about my Tests, Basically I did my Maths and English Test and passed, But I got 45 (maybe because I got Cocky due to Test before) in the BARB and I need a min. of 48 to join the Armourers, but the Recruiter said I should aim for 50+. Say I got between 48-50 would I have a slimmer chance of getting in, than say 50+?

    My second question is;

    Now I was told that I need to be getting a B or higher to be selected aswell, Now what is it judged on ? Actual performance(as in being skillful) or the approach of trying and not giving in ? and one more thing, If I get a C is there a long wait before next Attempt!?

    I also know how to Fully Strip an SA80 and a GMPG,and a NVQ2 in Engineer ,Would this help my application ?

    What is my Chances of getting in do you think?

    Thank you.
  2. Thats a pretty abyssmal barb score to be honest and I thought it was more 60 to go for armourer? Oh well.

    You need as high a grade as poss at selection as alot of very good potential recruits will be going in now as they can pick and choose and you are wanting to beat all of them otherwise face a very long wait or not an offer of a career at all.

    Run time + attitude + test scores + soldier like traits etc all that good stuff goes towards your grade as far as i know, I got a B with a pretty cack run time but I was probably perceived as alot more mature and a better attitude than the 17 year old 'ard para wannabies.

    Stripping, not at all, you get taught all that and even if you know you'll still be taught it again.

    The nvq hmm could do, probably just another nice thing they'll take note of, It should however get you a golden hello which is a cash bonus on completion of phase 2 training, either £1250 or £2500.

    As for chances... No idea.
  3. Being able to strip a weapon won't help your chances at all. Since everyone in the Army learns to do this.

    NVQ lvl 2 may help though.