REME Armourer manning?

Discussion in 'REME' started by TartanTrooper, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. any one know if there are any places for this job this year? or are they overmanned too?
  2. Never seems to be enough
  3. Get amoungst it, 1500 engagement bonus!!
  4. Although beware- if not up to scratch on trade, get in the sh*te, gob off too much etc then you can be re-allocated sharpish, used to be ok, but now due to the manning levels they are kicking blokes out for not much!

    On the plus side, if you get through your initial course its a gleaming job!
  5. I'm confused with this manning levels stuff, apparently the army has too many people. Where the hell is it hiding the armourers then?
  6. still 10 under as an over all number not the right numbers at class 1 and too many non deployable!!

  7. Have I just not looked into any of these bonuses or whatever or because they haven't been mentioned me to I am somehow not qualified for them ?

    7 weeks into phase 1 for armourer.
  8. 7 weeks in and you have access to internet?? What is the army coming to? Next you will be telling us you get douvets and done do bed blocks any more!!

  9. I'm on long weekend.
  10. Weekends?!
  11. Bit more than that, I stand to get a 2500 bonus when I finish trade training this year.
  12. If a Class 1 wants to rejoin full time - any vacancies/rejoin bonus/free t-shirts?
  13. Speak to local Careers but the future isnt rosie for leavers wanting to rejoin. We are kicking the sick lame and lazy as we are over manned as an Army. Recruiting is already getting scaled down and watch out over the coming months for the results of the impending Defence Review as that will be catastrophic for us. My advice is if your umming and arghing about returning go tomorrow to the Careers office and get it from the horses mouth. Don't take the usual bull they offer be direct and ask for answers from the REME recruitment desk at DEME(A). Your billy bonus is your Class 1 but be aware you need to be current and competent, if you have been out more than 3 years your currency is out of date.
  14. 3 years eh
    well that gives me 4 months to think about it
    On second thoughts Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. I'm on FTRS at the moment and did H9 prior to that so I think I'm all up to date - I'm just testing the water to see whether it's worth re-joining at the moment. The other option is just go for mobilisation instead.