REME and RE. Some help please

Discussion in 'REME' started by nba2005uk, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys just a general wondering as im about to sign up for the army. Im going to be joing the royal engineers as a plumber or carpenter. My two mates are almost through to there 14 weeks training, assuming they pass this training as do i, would we be situated in the same barracks or are the REME and RE in a different place altogether? Thanks guys.
  2. Different places altogether.

    REME will be in Bordon, or Arborfield (depending on trade)

    RE will be in Gibraltar barracks (I belive?)
  3. Don't the wedges still do most of their trade training at Chatham?
  4. I'm not sure to be honest?
  5. Gib these days I believe, although I could be wrong, rarely happens though.
  6. Plant, fitter, surveyor, construction trades and others are taught at Chatham, Combat Engineering at Gib Bks.
  7. So would a vehicle mechanic and a plumber both be based in chatham or just a plumber?
  8. Just a plumber ,VM couse is done at SEME Bordon in Hampshire.
  9. You may do Phase 1 together, but trade training will be done seperately. Although there may be a chance you could get posted to the same regiment on completion of training.
  10. Not sure if we could do phase 1 together as he already has his selection for april 14th and i am due to sign up on thursday. So its about 3 and half months in between, is that too short of a time to start your training ? I always hear between 3-6 months.