REME and Army PDRs

You're having a laugh!

I'm sure in the first couple of pages it states 'A soldier can put as much or as little effort as they want, however commanders are encouraged to get the soldier to keep them up to date.' (Words to that effect.)

Just keep all your qualifications in a wallet and your PDR in its wrapper. One lad bought his PDR to Careers transition workshop and said it would help at job interviews – Bollox!!! Just write a good CV! Put it in with your certificates and type a list of all the qualifications, dates, grades, etc, etc and keep that on at the front of the folder for ref purposes. Keep copies of your CV and scans of your certificates on disc in the folder to send off to whoever needs them.

(Keep updating your CV when any of the info on it changes – good practice, you never know when you’re gonna get caught or decide to leave.)

CC_TA :lol:
Think that there is a lack of resolve from the higher echelons here. Although it is a PERSONAL Development Record, there needs to be a grown up input. There was talk a long time ago in a regt I served with to have them inspected every time a soldier's interview took place but this fell apart when I took mine to an interview with the CO and he said "What have you bought that for?"

There are no updates for the new CREWMAN 2000 structures on the ARMYNET or Army website (as they say there will be). The link is here: LINK but they were last updated Aug 2001. Not including C2K - very slick. Even I remember that they were the big thing but they are now convinently forgotten about - I believe that they need to be brought back into the spotlight.

I also believe that these were created by the REME - how are they for you??

Personally I use mine to store all my reports, OJARS, useful docs relevant to my career and phone numbers for MCM div.

Army PDR is supposed to be checked on CLM courses (Jnr and Snr) by ETS staff.
If not up to date then you are "encouraged" to do so. Even if it is just section 7.
Yeh right. Haven't seen mine in years. Last sighted in a Q mans office waiting to be updated
I use mine to hold certs, CRs, Record of appointment and PDR inserts from courses. It has helped during my transfer to Aus thing, the PDR inserts especially. Mind you, I did get them on floppy disk from TDT, the hard copies were used when I joined my eng institute.

Don't write 'em off, lots of organizations use them - especially if you're staying in engineering when you leave the Corps. I guess most of you could bin them now with no effect on your future careers eh :)
Nige, GBTD,

Thanks for that :D

I think that we need to tell them how to make it better and more user friendly!!

That said, I know a fair number of the Reems are using it. Saw some Inf with it too, young guys were quite keen to get some evidence of work they were doing.
Due to being charged with implementing DES at my last unit (and what a joy that was), I have become depressingly familiar with the Army PDR. I believe it was originally designed as a flimflam piece of window dressing to push the Army IIP myth, and is far to fluffy and non-specific to be much use to the REME Tradesman. On the other hand the REME PDR was a flimflam piece of window dressing to push the REME TQ myth, and so is directly applicable to a REME career progression. Pity it was discontinued really. I use mine to store all my "I love me" quals and cack. However both items make very good bookends.

I always liked your part of the world.

Perhaps I need an advert, something along the lines of:

Wanted, useful suggestions for PDRs, no reasonable offer will go unpunished! :twisted:
Nige has right idea. PDRs can be fine tuned just before you get out but job descriptions should be kept from each unit especially if the job inolves different experiences (those that bear repeating that is!!) Also used mine for civ engineering quals especially the personal development plan bits.
Well, what can I say: you put shite in, you get shite out. Nige has it right, it is your PDR and it shows details of your career. Jobman can help if you are looking :D
A pdr is useful to store all your certs and stuff. really handy if your clerk is a tosser and loses all record
Having had the envious task of being the focal point for Army PDR's within my unit, I can honestly say that we don't give them enough attention to help make them what they were intended to be. That is, a Personal development record for guys to take a positive interest in their own careers and therefore plan what they what to do and when to do it. Is was never meant to be a replacement for a CV, but to help the individual to produce a good CV, at the end of the day its main function is to be career and personal diary with some personal planning adding in for good measure. We as managers should be activily encouraging younger members of the Corps to take thier career in their own hands as much as possible.
If anybody wants to know any more about PDR's or has been given the task to be the unit focal point, then pm me and I'll give you some info.

ps. Contrary to popular belief, the only section which the individual needs to show anyone, is section 5
Jockster as much as I agree with you in terms of the PDR in terms of personal development, i feel that the majority of blokes in the Army join to do a job and then go on their merry way in 1 UK Civ Div. The fact that is that young lads couldnt give a fig about this frankly piece of waste of time, and they treat it with no more than contempt. If you want to develope yourself thats fine, but lets not force it down their throats. What a shock that you in your position has to monitor and police this propaganda. If an idea or system is good enough, it will support and thrive by itself. Investors In Paperwork is just another "look at me how can I be diifferent" Corps killing bone idea.

Sorry Company Commander Sir, my men are on PDRs today, if you would like to take a ticket, normal service will resume shortly - ta very much like.

Those that will, will. Those that wont, can't be arrsed :wink:

By the way Sunderland are not far from a quality premiership team. About 12.7 miles to be exact :lol:
Wedge I agree with your comment, the point I was making was we should encourage but not force, I had to give a presentation to the Regt and I did stress that it was optional and to use it as they see fit. At the end of the day give them the facts, the whys and the benefits and let them decide. The problem with our Corps is that they lost control when we lost the REME PDR and now they don't like it and are trying to control all aspects of the Army PDR which is wrong.

ps. surely Berwick is further than 12 miles away.
Have seen both sides of the coin. Friend of mine got out, applied for job and was asked for info ref career in army. he took his REME PDR and after quick chat was selected for 2nd interview in front of a board. Was told to bring PDR again as 4 members of interview board were ex services.

In between interviews was advised by ASM( :twisted: ) to use ARMY PDR.

2nd interview seemed to go poorly, and only after leaving the interview room did my mate find out why . . . . the board thought he was bluffing his career as he only had the BASIC ARMY PDR!!!!

My advice, if you do use a PDR, stick with the REME version as it appears to be much better recieved. Although it still depends what job you aim for.
Just reminded me must chuck mine out.
Never filled it out when I was in, waste of time imo. Like someone else said, produce a good CV and take your certs, no problems finding a job.

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