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Hello mates,

I was wondering if you can help me? I run a business selling embroidered badges, mugs and stickers and the like and I am designing a new car sticker for REME and need to know what you would call yourselves.

For example as an ex RHA man, I am a Gunner and I know that RE is Sapper, so is there a name that you would use that is non derogatory and not crude as these are on display to the general public!!

The message I am looking to use is "Proud to Have Served as a ............"


Veterans Embroidered Badges


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I would instantly say "Spanner", but probably not....

Recy Mechs are Recy Mechs, VMs are VMs, etc, but I've never heard of a general one that covers all Trades - apart from "you scruffy bastard" or similar from various CSMs/RSMs etc.
Crafty? Gentleman of the craft? Black-handed, beer swilling legend.


Proud to have been a...

"Gun Fitter"
"Air Tech" (or Greenie or Blackie)
"Steam REME"


Someone once said (in basic training) we are the Top 10% of the British Army. Although having met some doughnuts over the years, I can't help thinking that figure was plucked out of the air a little.

But if it's mugs / embroided emblems etc that you're after - one the 1*s use as a kind of Corps motto is "Keeping the punch in the Army's fist".
"Proud to have been a functioning alcoholic" should cover it for most of us
Everyone in RRF LAD in the late 90's was known as Ken by all members of the RRF. **** knows where that came from.


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...member of the anti-tank platoon" according to one embittered RTR NCO in 1986.
Just read the spec: non-derogatory. Really Excellent Military Engineer. That better?


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"Bodger"? One of the kinder derogatory names.
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