REME Alpine Ski and Snowboard Race Development Camp Austria

Discussion in 'REME' started by crokkett76, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. Have one ski place availble with our 36 Engr Regt workshop (Maidstone) which needs filling for a 2 week alpine ski trip. 28th Nov- 13 Dec 09 Austria. REME only apply

    Details- Includes
    Ski Hire
    Travel and Race ski insurance
    Ski passes
    Instruction- any level
    Price- £530

    Any REME Soldier interested please email me at so i can contact you by phone.

  2. Cant make it, but I'll plug it!

    Outstanding trip, good skiing, good tuition, and a good apres ski
  3. Am on this with my unit. Should be good.
  4. You mean better than being on Herrick with the rest of your unit!

    I was there two years ago on the snowboarding group, drunker than a drunk thing!!!!!
  5. Only one of the companys is in afghan. Mmmm, skiing in austria, or afghan????
  6. Thanks to the guys who have plugged my offer, i now have a full team...Bring on the Slopes and Apres ski...