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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ForestFan89, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Hey, just thought id introduce myself on here and try and get some info.

    Basically im looking at joining as an Aircraft Technician. Iv looked at the RAF but having heard from a few mates in the RAF about some changes being made and what it is actually like im not sure if it would be the right choice :?

    Im just after some basic info really on what its like, career progression, what happens if you dont pass the phase 2 side of your training etc etc?

    Many thanks :D
  2. Welcome to ARRSE!

    If you do not pass Phase 2 training for any trade, you will be offered an interview with a careers advisor who will recommend your next step. That might be within the same Corps (REME in this case) or within another Corps if there aren't any vacancies in your Corps.

    Compared to the RAF, any trade in REME offers a much better career path, but I have met all too many embittered RAF technicians!!

    Aircraft Tech in the Army is a much favoured trade; I hope your Maths and Science grades are up to scratch!

  3. My son is half way through Phase 1, he is going Aircraft Tech. I believe, from a REME mate, that you get tested again at phase 2 and this will decide where you go, even though you may have been offered aircraft tech, you may get land systems, still a good trade, but as said above your Maths and Science have to be very good.

    i believe you also need to be good at Warhammer, not shower on a regular basis and have difficulty meeting girls.
  4. Funny man!

    The additional testing used to be to try and plug the shortfall in technician trades by identifying VM/VE/Rec M applicants who could do the maths and physics for technician training - could have changed now.

    Electronic tech is undoubtably the most revered trade within the entire Army - for those who simply must have a Teeny Weeny Airways beret we offer "Avionics" as a sub-set.

    Aircraft Technician is a perfectly fine trade but somewhat limiting to AAC postings - and again unless things have changed dramatically don't expect to be allowed to fill an "unspecified" post.

    Either way Ac Tech or Elec Tech promotion is rapid and provided you can hack basic soldiering and leadership skills will be pretty much time based until Artificer selection.

    Go on do it - you know you want to.
  5. Cheers for the replies, much appreciated :)

    So what would happen if i didnt pass the course? Would i get streamed into a different trade?
    My maths and science is pritty good but could do with a bit of work as its been a few years since school!

    Also what are tours like as a Aircraft Tech? Obviously Afghan is a definate so what kind of work would i be doing out there? Would i be going on patrol and sh!t or staying on camp?
  6. Shame about your spelling ;)

    Use the search function above, there's a lot of info already on here.
  7. Avionics Tech gives the same posting options as Air Tech but more job opportunities after you leave. Unless the trades have changed dramatically.
  8. Check your pm's fella