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Discussion in 'REME' started by Remesteve, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. I am new to this site and currently in the process to joining the army; awaiting my adsc date and interview. I am aiming to go for an aircraft tech as my first choice. I believe my fitness is up to standard and I am still working on it. My 1.5 is down to 9.07 that was a week ago so will have improved again. I can meet all of the strength and fitness side through kickboxing and rugby. I am 19 have an A grade in mathematics and 3 B grades in triple science ( biology, physics, chemistry). I have also completed a level 3 advance IT apprenticeship completing as a junior computer consultant (it tech). Being that I do pass selection and the army medical as I have passed the gp medical, any idea of my time frames for enlistment???? (my recruiter will more then likely be back in touch for my interview and adsc dat next week as he is on annual leave)
  2. Well with the recent announced changes the Corps is expanding the TA & reducing the numbers of Regulars so until all the changes are assessed by the top brass, recruit training for some may be put on hold or limited.
  3. Ok thanks FLTPILOT so it's more then likely a waiting game until further announcements I guess. When I did go into the recruiting office initially my recruiter did say now it's not every day we have someone wanting to be an 'air tech' and that it is a very challenging job with easy promotion etc when worked hard at and that I would more then likely get the job being that I pass everything. Let's say for example all does go well... From passing adsc until enlistment what are the time frames (for example) because I hear allow 12/18 months I hear 3 months I hear November etc what is a realistic presumption....has anyone got a recent experience?