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Planning on joining the REME after sandbags. How does one apply to be transferred to the aircorps? Is it a permenant move or is it like a tour? Any other info on reme aircorps would be appreciated, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
Depends, if you are planning on being a pilot then no it is not permanent ..... however if its a change of trade you are looking at then yes I believe it is a permanent ransfer.
No not a pilot (whistfully thinks of longbow). REME aircraft technician. Any info?
If you are wanting to be an Aircraft Tech then that does not involve a transfer into the AAC at all.

Being a REME trade you'd always wear the illustrious Corps Cap Badge, but most of your postings would be to Aviation Units.

I say most of your postings because I don't know what sort of roles you'd get put into if you decide to go Tiffy.........any Air Techs out there???
I think we have missed the thread of this post,because Big Jobs is a PO and will complete RMAS "Sandbags".

I hope you have Corps sponsorship because the REME wont take you unless you can offer the Corps something. An honours degree in Engineering for startas and if its Hotel Management you wont even get an interview.Sorry but the Corps policy is that an Engineering degree or similar is mandatory.

After completion of RMAS you then complete your platoon Commanders course RPC at the REME Arms School and then a posting to the field force ensues.

To get your mits on Army aviation where you will be command Aircraft/avionics technicians and Artificers, they are your middle managers.

You will attend the Officers Long Aeronautical Engineering Course (OLAE) and then aquire your competence and current qualifications to certify that the aircraft, your technicians have repaired, are safe to fly. The course isnt easy and to gain those post nominals you will undertake many assessments, practicals and attend a rigorous viva with the Chief Aircraft Engineer in the REME.

OLAE is not a right and it may take a while to be firm loaded on that course.You are also competing with LE Officers who have been commisssioned from the ranks.They already have the education as you a degree but with 20 years experience of working on the army helicopters in a wide range of rolls from Flight Tiff,Test pilots or commanding an Engine rebuild platoon in a large Aircraft Workshop .So competition is fierce. If you require any more infor PM me.
Cheers Qman. I'm currently doing a masters degree in mechanical and electrical engineering. Don't worry about the qualifications side of things. How do you mean, you hope i have corps sponsorship, because otherwise they won't take me? How long is the OLAE?
Direct from REME website
Hope this helps

Job Description:
The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) is the only all-professional engineering corps in the Army. Its role is to recover, repair and maintain Army equipment including helicopters, tanks, road vehicles and weapon systems. REME officers command soldiers that are highly qualified tradesmen and technicians with specialist electronic, mechanical and automotive skills. The officers manage production, set priorities and solve technical problems both in barracks and on operations. In addition they are responsible for providing military and adventurous training, career management advice and welfare support for their soldiers. Above all they are leaders.

Education Standard:
For a Commission you will require 140 UCAS Tariff points at A/AS Level, or equivalent, and five GCSEs, or equivalent, graded A - C, including Maths, English and a science or foreign language. You should preferably have an engineering degree accredited by one of the major engineering institutions. However a technical degree with a strong Physics/Maths content may be acceptable. In exceptional circumstances the Corps may accept a non-graduate and sponsor them for an in-service degree. Forget sponsorship youre doing a Masters.

Personal Qualities:
Strong management and leadership skills are required in order to inspire our highly qualified REME tradesmen. You must have also keen interest in a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines. An ability to remain cool and confident is essential and an interest in outdoor pursuits and sports is desirable.

One year of military and leadership training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, followed by an eight week REME Platoon Commanders' course, during which you will learn the skills needed in your first posting. Further courses follow to prepare you for each appointment you undertake, including three months working in civilian industry to broaden your engineering experience. Further courses follow to prepare you for each appointment you undertake. A six-month course is available to qualify you as a military aircraft engineer, allowing you to work with the Army's expanding helicopter fleet.

Conditions of work:
All personnel receive subsidised food and accommodation. As a single officer, your home would be in an officers mess; if married you and your family will normally be allocated an officer quarter. REME personnel serve in every part of the world in which the British Army deploys its equipment - therefore conditions can vary. There may be times when you will be required to live and work away from home under arduous field conditions.

Career Structure:
Your initial postings are designed to broaden your engineering and military experience. Typically you will command 30 - 35 soldiers, and will be employed as a platoon commander in a workshop. Depending on background, you can expect to become a Captain within 2½ years of leaving Sandhurst. You will then have your first independent command, responsible for up to 100 soldiers and many million pounds worth of equipment. You can have a full career, to the age of up to 60.

Follow on trades:
The training you receive and the experience you gain are accredited with the Engineering Council. REME officers are expected to become chartered engineers as part of their normal career path. You will usually be selected for further degree training to improve your technical and managerial skills.
My pleasure, Good luck with the study (Im doing an MSc myself; Industrial psychology) and hope you have success :D with whatever you eventually decide.
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