REME advice?

My best muckers Dad died yesterday and he was an ex REME welder (22yrs), i was wondering is there any REME association i can ask to send a wreath or anything like that, i don't want to ask the family as yet if he was a member of a specific branch etc.

Any advice please?
Where abouts did he live?
Well said okimato, what is wrong with people these days. My god the fella's father has died and your arguing about his correct trade. No wonder people think we are bitter and twisted.
My condolences for his loss mate.


If he was an old soldier he could quite possibly have been a Welder. The Metalsmith trade was formed by amalgamating the 3 trades of Welder, Blacksmith and Sheet Metal Worker. (IIRC early 70's?)
okimato said:
If you can, get his full name and regtl number. Then give the REME association a call.

Try this link

Good luck

PS - given the context of the question, whether he was a "welder" or metalsmith is immaterial. Got nothing better to do Smudge :cry: :?:
Beat me to it Okimato, damn you :D

Check pm out from the other week please.
I said "metalsmith" because every "metalsmith" I ever worked with, got a bit upset when called a "welder", a bit of an "in" joke I suppose.
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