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Discussion in 'REME' started by spaz, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Having sat through the brief, read "Transforming the British Army, July 2012" and "ARMY 2020 – SHAPING REME TO SUPPORT THE FUTURE ARMY", I think we've proffed fellas.

    All sounds pretty good to me. I didn't bother reading the bumf about the TAs at the end though as I doubt there will be any change from them either not turning up, or if they do they've broken far more kit than they've repaired.
  2. 2020? Is that how many bods we'll have?
  3. Unfortunately I didn't have to sit through the brief Spaz, can you send me your notes on a post it .. i thought it was going to be all TA IST's in the future with the Odd Regular Tiffy to make brews anyway.
  4. Seems to be that although we are losing 1400 posts, realistically it's 650 actual jobs, due to double Hatting and gapping. I agree we've proffed. Yes we are shrinking, but not at the same rate as say arty, so proportionally our footprint is spreading. I'm slightly concerned about the TA element. However with the advent of more fwd platoons, from a junior officer perspective they've just timesed the best job in REME bar LAD by 4. Our brief mentioned the move towards half sqn CR2 & AI equivalent, does this mean double the man power & panzers per fitter section?
  5. Army 2020 announcement confirms Army to be reduced by 23 units

    The Army is to be reduced by 23 Regular units since the Strategic Defence and Security Review as part of Army 2020. The changes are due to be implemented by 2015, with the overall mandate to reach the capacity of 82,000 for the Regular Army and 30,000 for the Reserves by 2018.

    The announcement came today in the House of Commons by Secretary of State for Defence the Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP after months of work by the Army to create a modern force for the challenges of 2020 and beyond.

    The changes to the Order of Battle (ORBAT) will include:

    Household Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps
    • The Queens Royal Lancers will amalgamate with 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) upon completion of scheduled operational commitments and not before October 2014.
    • The 1st Royal Tank Regiment and the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment will merge upon completion of scheduled operational commitments and not before April 2014.

    Royal Regiment of Artillery
    • 39 Regiment Royal Artillery and 40 Regiment Royal Artillery will both be removed from the ORBAT by October 2015.

    Corps of Royal Engineers
    • 24 Commando Engineer Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before April 2013.
    • 25 Engineer Regiment and 28 Engineer Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before October 2015.
    • 38 Engineer Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT.
    • 67 Works Group will also be removed from the ORBAT not before April 2015.

    Royal Corps of Signals
    • 7th Signal Regiment (Allied Rapid Reaction Corps) is to be removed from the ORBAT.

    • 5th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders,) will be reduced to form a Public Duties Incremental Company on completion of current task and not before August 2013.
    • 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will be removed from the ORBAT and absorbed into the rest of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers upon completion of scheduled operational commitments in the autumn of 2014.
    • The 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howard's) will be removed from the ORBAT and absorbed into the rest of The Yorkshire Regiment on completion of their Cyprus tour and not before the autumn of 2013.
    • The 3rd Battalion the Mercian Regiment (Staffordshire) will be removed from the ORBAT and absorbed into the rest of The Mercian Regiment on completion of Op HERRICK 19 and not before October 2014.
    • 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh (The Royal Regiment of Wales) will be removed from the ORBAT and absorbed into the rest of The Royal Welsh not before autumn 2013.
    • 1st Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment will join the Prince of Wales’ Division.

    Army Air Corps
    • 1 Regiment Army Air Corps will merge with 9 Regiment Army Air Corps, bringing the Wildcat force under a single HQ based at Yeovilton not before October 2015.

    Royal Logistic Corps (RLC)
    • 1 Logistic Support Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before April 2015.
    • 2 Logistic Support Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before October 2014.
    • 23 Pioneer Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before October 2015.
    • 8 Regiment, 19 Combat Service Support Battalion and 24 Regiment RLC will be removed from the ORBAT.

    Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
    • 101 Force Support Battalion will be removed from the Regular Army ORBAT not before autumn 2015, and will transfer to the Reserve.

    Royal Military Police unit
    • 5 Regiment Royal Military Police is to be removed from the ORBAT as part of the drawdown from Germany. The three remaining Regiments will be re-organised.
    • All SIB capabilities will be reorganised under one headquarters, while the Military Provost Service will be increased, and a specialist Support Operations group will be created.

    The Royal Gurkha Rifles are to remain with two Battalions to sustain their capability and meet their unique operational requirement in Brunei.

    The current Regular and Reserve structure for the Army Medical Services will remain largely unchanged with three Regular and ten Reserve field hospitals.

    The Intelligence Corps will retain three Regular military intelligence battalions.

    REME approx 15% reduction, loss on 1 FS Bn which isn't too bad considering.
    RLC 30 % reduction, loss of 6 Regts oops!!
  6. 1 FS may be going but 5 Bn lives again.
  7. Get the paint out, 2, 4 and 6 are now going to be Armoured CS REME Bn's,so all the signs need redoing 1 and 3 CS, 5 FS and 7 AA.

    Where is 5 going to be based?
  8. Supporting the Log Bde so Aldershot would make sense. 1 stays in Catterick, 3 moves to West Mids (RAF Stafford?). 2,4,6 in Tidders. 7 stay where they are.
  9. Yes Spaz, you have absolutely proffed. Just think how much more of your careers you can now spend in ES Bns and not in the 23 LADs/ Wksp that are going. It will be lovely to see you all pulling trailers around windy airfields and doing BCSS traiing while civvies mend all the broken kit. And just think of the esprit de Corps in those vanguards of happy smiling REME tradesmen. 23 less OC LADs, 60 less Tiffy posts, 23 less ASMs.

    A real prof.

    Oh and tiffy-massive - three of the 6 were announced under PR11. So the RLC lost three yesterday - or about 15%.
  10. What a fantastic bite r?f.

    So far of my 17 year career, I have spent 0 years in REME Bns, nor do I have any desire to change that, however the REME have been proactive over the last few years as far as rebalancing and Op ENTIRETY are concerned. I think that this was a major factor in deciding the REME's future and is evident in yesterday's announcement.

    You don't seem to have much understanding of the manning of REME LADs you may want to revise your numbers.

    My comment that we as a corps have proffed was down to the rumoured 35% cut in our manning, which isn't going to happen. Obviously if a unit doesn't exist it isn't going to have an LAD. What would you suggest I do about that?

    If you'd shown some of the spark in your reply whilst at Sandhurst, you may not have found yourself in the bottom third, of the bottom third, of your intake and by default commisioning into the RLC
  11. Spaz, shame you did not think second order deductions before your post. Sorry I did not study every LAD before posting. Was it more tiff posts lost than I said?

    Bite. Not me, just funny to see the loss of so many opportunities as a proff. As for bottom third at RMAS. If you were there 17 years ago I might know you. Were you dull and earnest? Good degree but no social skills? Desperate to serve with armour but not quite their type?
  12. A proff as in not as bad as it could have been i.e 30%. I don't think It's that difficult to grasp.

    Ref your response to Tiffy Massive, it matters not whether you're losing 6 of 18, or 3 of 15, you're still losing a third. If you need any more help with your "sums" pop down to your LAD, they may help you out.
  13. Spaz. You have lost me.

    6 of 18 is a third.
    3 of 15 is a fifth.

    Your figures did not include your half of 19 CSS Bn, ours yesterday included 19 CSS, 8 (already gone) and 24 (already announced).

    So we lost three of 15 yesterday. Or six of 18 if you consider that previous PR11 announcements never happened.

    Well done on the maths thing though. I must have missed that 6/18 = 3/15.

    Let's play nicely now. I reckon my Corps result was a better outcome than expected. But hardly a proff.

    Anyway, are you dull with a clever degree?
  14. Well haven't I made myself look a ****! You of course are correct.

    Dull with a clever degree, I wouldn't say so but I'm biased.
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  15. All's fair! Not too bad overall for we CSS pukes so far. Next round, who knows....