Remarkable candour from Hungary PM!


Extracts from a secretly recorded speech given by the Hungarian Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, to members of his Socialist Party in May. The speech was broadcast on Hungarian radio on Sunday, prompting calls for his resignation and rioting in Budapest. The extracts are in chronological order and have been translated by Reuters from a transcript on Mr Gyurcsany's personal weblog.

"There aren’t many choices. There aren’t, because we f***ed up. Not a little, a lot. There is no other country in Europe that has shown such stupidity as we have."

"Obviously we lied throughout the past one and a half, two years. It was completely obvious that what we said was not true."

"Meanwhile, we have done nothing for four years. You cannot tell me of any significant government measure we could be proud of... If we need to give an account to the country what we have done for four years, what will we say?"
Apparently there all on the streets protesting, christ we be on the streets 24/7 if everyone complained everytime mr bLair lied, then that goes for most politico's

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