Remake of The Dambusters film

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Napoleon_Bunnyparte, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Did not know this was in the pipeline (it was programed to commence in early 2009) but as of yet has not been started (screenplay by Stephen Fry no less).
    I see that Les Munro (an original Dambuster crewman) has joined the Tech Team to provide assistance.
    I love the orginal film and Peter Jackson is a brilliant director but not sure what they can do with this.......(apart from the 1954 music how will they make this a hit?)
  2. My worry is what they are going to call the dog.
  3. This has been bubbling around for a while, I rather think it stalled with the issue of what to call Gibsons dog after all the N word is so inflamatory!
    I am sure Tyson is a good officers dogs name :D
  4. I'm waiting for someone to mention Broadsword and Danny Boy.
  5. They will have to name the dog its real name. If they want to recreate the story then they should do it accurately. However, I have no doubt that in the new film the planes will be B17's and the crews from the US and the dog will be called Captain America.
  6. Who cares so long as its called Nigger! It was the dags name after all.....

    Which Lancaster did Danny Boy pilot then? :D
  7. Did I mishear or did they change it to 'Nipper' in the original?
  8. "I'm afraid IC3 has been run over Saah"
  9. I'm always apprehensive when films are remade, it is extremely rare they hold a torch to the originals. Better to think of them as new films in their own rights, rather than constantly drawing comparisons, as they will never be better.

    "Have you seen Dambusters?"
    "Oh yeah, that new Peter Jackson film!"
    "No, I meant the proper one..."

    You know what I mean!
  10. All to true me fears.who remembers U570 when the plucky yanks single handedly captured an Ultra machine thereby winning the battle of the Atlantic.
  11. 'The Italian Job' being a prime example.

  12. And don't get me started on "Get Carter".........
  13. :? Surely the movie under discussion is "The Dam Busters" and not "Where Eagles Dare" ? :? Mind you I did have the hots for Heidi the beer wench/Allied undercover agent. :wink:

    Let the dog be called "Nigger". That was the name Gibson gave the dog and the dog wasn't offended. Quite the contrary actually.
  14. 'Nikita', OK it's French, but it had style and class. Throw Bridget Fonda into the equation and it goes tit's up.