Remake of “The Alamo“

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by bazzo, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Just watched it again, lovely film
    As far as I know there’s only been the one filming of the Alamo (John Wayne’s) Why?
    Is there nobody today that reaches the mark of John Wayne, Richard Widmark and Laurence Harvey. Who would you have as stars in a remake of “The Alamo”?
  2. What about the one with Billy Bob Thornton as Crocket, I thought it the better and more historicaly correct
  3. There's a more modern one that stars Billy Bob Thornton amongst others but it's not specifically the Alamo. It sets it in the greater campaign culminating with the rout of the Mexicans at the Battle of San Jacinto.

    The Alamo 2004 Version
  4. Curses! Tropper beat me to it and to cap it all my link doesn't work!
  5. That crock of Commie propaganda has Texas seceding from Mexico being connected with the maintenance of slavery rather than a God ordained march of freedom. Next thing they'll be telling us California also used to part of Mexico and the Yanks stole that too.
  6. "I warn ya, Ah'm a screamer" I'd be one too :)

    Excellent film, much better than the Wayne effort :p
  7. This could be an ideal opportunity for the british film industry (?) to get revenge for that dross about the enigma, road to burma, and f**king Robin Hood with Kevin Costner.

    Stephen Fry as Travis
    Eddie Izzard in gear as Crocket
    Julian Clary as Jim Bowie

    and all the other dross actors that turn up everywhere.

    And the ending. The mexicans invade america and win :D
  8. My bold - Yes I agree, however Crockett's violin solo on the ramparts prior to the main battle didn't do it any favours.
  9. I had a book on famous swordsmen in which James Bowie was given a chapter. I'm surprised that no Hollywood type has looked at his life with a view to a film. That awful Alan Ladd effort of the '50's did him no justice.

    He fought some interesting duels, including one where, having been shot twice and run through with a sword he got back on his feet and knifed his opponent to death.
  10. Personally I thought the remake dark, boring and far less exciting than the original. I am no film critic - that's just my opinion
  11. Liked the Billy Bob version. Can't comment on historical accuracy but good period film.

    Watched 3:10 to Yuma last night, apart from Crowes awful drawling accent it was a cracking western with traditional cross town guns blazin' finale.
  12. I thought the original with Glenn Ford and Van Heflin (1957) was better by a short margin. A good movie though, both versions.
  13. Alec, I think I read that book as well; did it have a chapter on Mussolini? Bloody(no pun intended)interesting, 'though my practical training only extends to daggers and machetes... :)